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Looking to rent a type act for your birthday, wedding party, or company event? Evenses offers a wide range of characters, artists, comedians, and shows. For example, we can offer a surprise actor amongst your guests, a stand up comedian for a set at your corporate party, or a pirate for your kid's pirate themed birthday. Feel free to take a look at the range of entertainers below and see what we have to offer. If you still have not found what you were looking for, please contact us. Thanks to our connections with actors and type acts, we can even book a specific act that we might not have featured on the website! Read more

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Magician Brendan Rodrigues

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Our characters are personally selected by us on professionalism, representativeness, and reliability. These type acts assure you a fun and entertaining show for your birthday, wedding, or anniversary. All of the acts have extensive experience in the field and know how to deal with social crowds due to their impressive improvisation skills and comedic timing.


Ideas are devised by our actors themselves and presented to you. The actors of Evenses find it incredibly productive to discuss with the event organizer to find creative ways to take their act. You can contact an Evenses employee to discuss your wishes and preferences. Based on your wants, our team will determine which actor or actress best suits your needs. You will still be in contact with the actor during the process, so that together you can ensure that the act will completely meet your expectations.


A type actor is a very nice way to entertain your guests and guarantees fun and hilarity that will appeal to everyone. They can be used in different ways and for different types of events. For example, you can have an actor portray your long lost ex-girlfriend at your wedding reception and cause a massive comedic scene. You can also have your type acts make your announcements, mingle with the guests as a outrageous character, or welcome your guests at the door in an entertaining fashion.


Rent type for your party, birthday or wedding


When a character is hidden amongst the guests, the surprise effect will only be increased once the guests slowly realize this person turns out to not be a guest at all! Ideas such as this are constantly being pitched by our adaptable actors. You can contact an Evenses employee to discuss your wishes and preferences on what you are keen on the type act doing. Based on this, our team will determine which actor or actress best suits your needs. Prior to your booking you will still be in contact with the actor, so that you can ensure they are completely in line with what you have in mind. Would you like more information about booking an actor or actress? You will find more information below in the blog about booking type acts.


 Blog about types



Is your partner a big fan of Jim Carrey? Or is your production company having a big movie premiere? A type act could add value to occasions such as these to make them more unique and deliver a twist. You can hire an actor to portray one of Jim Carrey's famous characters at his birthday party or even have an actor behave as a heckling fan at your own movie's premiere to create a contrast in humour. The right type played by a professional actor or actress, can be just that detail that turns a fun event into a great event.


Booking a type act may not be the first thing you think of when you organize a party or event, but a good one can provide more value to your event than you think. A good actor or actress can normally play many different types of roles, in very different scenarios. In addition, it will also be an original surprise for your guests, since we assume that they dont see a live performance by a professional actor up close every day.


Regarding the type of party that you are going to organize, booking a type gives you an abundance of possibilities. From cozy birthdays and romantic weddings to festive corporate events and neighborhood parties, you can book a type for almost any occasion that perfectly complements the festivities. Whatever party you organize, chances are that booking a suitable type actor will surely have added value to the entertainment overall.


As a result of the variation that exists when we talk about booking a character, it can sometimes be difficult to know which performance would best suit your event. For that reason it is wise to work with a company such as Evenses that has experience with this sort of event planning. Not only do we have an extensive portfolio of professional actors and actresses, but we have also taken care of countless bookings over the years. We are happy to make that expertise available to you so that you can book the perfect type for your party.


Our event specialists are available seven days a week, so you can always contact them with questions about type acts. You can also first take a look yourself by using the search engine on our website. With this you can search through the acts based on your budget, location, types of acts, etc. If there's too many options for you, simply contact Evenses for more help!


What is a type act?


Think of the popular characters such as Mr. Bean, Pee-Wee Herman, and others of these kind. These characters have even become so popular that the audience typically associates the actors or actresses exclusively with the character they play. These are characters that actors take out into the real world and present as regualr people just like the rest of the audience. Skilled type actors can take the form of famous characters or even just everyday people with outrageous personalities.

Ultimately, the term type act refers to a fictional, and often comical, character that generally has very strong and distinct character traits that are often magnified for comic effect. The connection with stereotypes and certain cliché-like personalities is therefore quickly established. Even though most type acts are purely actors, ultimately you can still find some that can serve completely as themselves and do stand up comedy.


When we talk about booking a character for a party or event that you are going to organize, we are talking about an actor or actress who will play a certain character during the festivities to entertain your guests. This can be a very nice addition to the party, especially if the character fits well with the occasion. For that reason it is very important to book the right actor or actress, and to discuss with him or her exactly what you expect from them during the event.


What sort of type acts can you book at Evenses?


At Evenses, we are a big fan of all sorts of characters and want to find a viable option for every event. Over the years we have booked acts for many different parties and events, and the reactions were always extremely positive. We therefore advise you to contact us if you are considering booking a type act for an event, because we are eager to help you find the perfect interpretation for what you have in mind.


Imagine having a professional actor come to your daughter's eighth birthday party as a princess and tell stories about her Prince, animal friends, and adventures. Your daughter and her friends will not only believe this actor is a real princess, but they will have something to talk about for days to come. These special forms of entertainment are important to create memories for your kids and really will impress them that their parents know a real princess!


If you are looking for a more slapstick-like form of humor, then you can, for example, go for the drunken nun. This character can create a lot of energy through humor, bizarre twists, and interaction with the audience. Your guests will get a smile on their face in no time due to the unexpected and outrageous stunts that the drunken nun adds creates.


As we said before, we recommend that you contact us at Evenses if you are considering booking a type act for the party that you are organizing. This way we can give you suitable suggestions, so that you can book the perfect actor. It is also not a bad idea to read the profiles of the characters on our website, since you can also find reviews of people who have already booked the character in question, or who have him or her live in action.


What Evenses can do for you?


If you have attempted to book entertainment such as this, you might have experienced how difficult it is to sort through many choices and find the right act. However, if you contact a company such as Evenses, we have made hundreds of bookings for very different types of events and are happy to use that experience to help you find and book the type that fits your event perfectly. Not only can we help you explore the options available, but also finish your event and negotiate with the performers of your choice. That way you are not alone and you can also count on the expertise of our event specialists.


In any case, you can already start looking yourself at the available options regarding type acts in our portfolio. With the help of the search engine on our website you can already explore the options. You can always reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that we will help you find the perfect act your event.

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