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Smoothie Bar
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Smoothie Bar

3 Reviews

The smoothie bar provides the tastiest smoothies at your event or party!

£600 - £1400
Juice Bar
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Juice Bar

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A juice bar for every occasion.

£500 - £1250
Milkshake Bar
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Milkshake Bar

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Delicious and Tasty Milkshake Bar for any event.

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Book a smoothie bar? Hire a smoothie bar for your event.
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Smoothie Bar

A smoothie bar is a commodity that has been rising in popularity for years, and nowadays we see smoothies being served in more and more places. Smoothies appear at various events, festivals, business parties, parties, and weddings.

Smoothies look more luxurious than ‘normal’ juices poured from a carton. If you book a smoothie bar at Evenses, the fruit smoothies are prepared freshly in front of you, and your guests can expect a really fresh and delicious smoothies.

You can decorate the smoothie bar as you wish; you can add the logo of your company, and the bartenders can wear company clothing. For a special act, you can hire ‘flair tenders’ - magicians who can juggle with bottles!

Hire a smoothie bar for your party, fair or festival.

Will you soon be celebrating your partner's birthday and want to come up with something original for their party? Or is the annual company party coming up again in a few weeks and you are looking for something to treat the employees? Or would you like to organise a wedding and you'd like to provide the invitees with an extensive range of catered drinks? You must have thought of alcohol and soft drinks, but is booking a smoothie bar not worth considering?

There is a good chance that you have already drunk one yourself, but for people who are not sure what a smoothie exactly is, we will briefly explain it. A smoothie is an alcohol-free drink that mainly consists of ice and fruit, although other ingredients can be added, such as peanut butter, honey, or chia seeds, and milk. It is always served cold and blended up with the ice to create a sweet and thick texture. For more taste, specialised smoothie bars use frozen fruit and frozen yoghurt instead of ice cubes. This is also possible with the smoothie bars that you can book through Evenses.

Now you may think that a smoothie bar on paper seems nice, but it really doesn't fit the party you have in mind. That is, of course, possible, but know that a smoothie bar can add value to more types of events than you think. Smoothie bars fit a wide variety of parties and events, from birthdays and brunches to corporate events and theme parties. Whatever the occasion, most people would love to enjoy a smoothie afterwards.

This versatility is made possible by the fact that a smoothie bar can be personalised to be the perfect addition to the party. For example, you can equip the menus, glassware, and staff clothing with a personal touch, such as the logo of your company, or the name of your child with the date of the party. You can also personalise the bar yourself in various ways, including your own logo and coloured LED lighting.

Booking the ideal smoothie bar for your party or event does not have to be difficult, but given the wide range of companies in the UK, it is often wise to call in the help of a party with experience in the field of entertainment booking. At Evenses we have an extensive portfolio of professional smoothie bars that we have already booked countless times at various events. We are happy to make that experience available to you so that you can book the perfect smoothie bar for the event that you are going to organise.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you want to start taking a look yourself, you can start exploring with the help of the search engine on our website. For further information, we will briefly discuss below why smoothies are an ideal drink and how a smoothie bar can turn your party or event into a unique event.

Book a smoothie bar: fun, tasty and healthy

The great thing about smoothies is that they are not only very tasty but often also very healthy. The combination of ice and fruit ensures that it only contains natural sugars, while your guests also get a lot of vitamins. Depending on your own preferences and those of the people you have invited, you can, of course, make extras available for the smoothies, such as sugar or different syrups, but in general, you choose a nice, tasty, and healthy alternative with a smoothie bar at your party or event. For that reason, we summarise a few facts about smoothies below.

A smoothie can satisfy hunger

Certainly, in the case of smoothies that contain more fibre-rich fruits, such as mangoes, apples, and many forest fruits, the smoothie can satisfy a large part of the hunger. The fibres ensure a satisfying feeling and help prevent your guests from eating too much junk food or other party options. Unequivocally, during a healthy lunch with friends or a barbecue with colleagues, you can do everyone a favour by offering a healthy alternative such as this.

A smoothie can be very rich in vitamins

Depending on what is in the smoothie, it can be a huge source of vitamins and minerals. Grapes and other types of berries, for example, are powerful natural antioxidants that help prevent many diseases and disorders, while carotenes in fruits such as mango and pumpkin have a positive effect on the health and appearance of the skin. With the help of a smoothie bar, you do not only give your guests the opportunity to have fresh smoothies made but also to work on their health without having to do anything for it.

A smoothie can be very refreshing

About half of a freshly made smoothie consists of ice. While in some cases frozen pieces of fresh fruit can be used instead of fresh pieces of fruit. All this ice and any other frozen ingredients ensure that a smoothie can also be a very refreshing drink. It is, for example, the perfect accompaniment to a summer brunch in the garden.

Booking a smoothie bar as a personal touch

By booking a smoothie bar, you give yourself a whole choice of extra options to further personalise your event. Evenses offers tailor-made solutions for the smoothie bar. For example, we offer a smoothie bar for both large and small parties that can be customised to your liking. For example, it is possible to modify the bar by placing your company logo on the bar, the smoothie card, or on the corporate clothing of our smoothie makers. Another option is to provide the bar with LED lighting so that it fits even better with the decoration of your party.

To make it all even more spectacular, Evenses allows you to choose to have the bar staff replaced by "flair tenders". A flair tender is not only a bartender but an artist. A flair tender, for example, will be able to juggle glasses and pitchers, making the preparation of every smoothie a whole live show. In this way, you are not only booking a smoothie bar for your guests but an extra piece of live entertainment.

You can even go one step further and have your own fruity creation included on the personalised smoothie card for your event. For example, does your daughter love strawberries? Let the professional bartender or woman design a smoothie with strawberry as the main ingredient and named after your daughter. Are you giving a themed party for friends and colleagues? Have a menu made up of smoothies with names and ingredients that match the theme of the event in a fun way. Whatever you want, booking a smoothie bar gives you a lot of options.

In the meantime, have you become convinced of the smoothie bar as the ideal catering for your event, but you also still have some questions? Are you not sure that the location of your party allows you to set up a smoothie bar? Do you have any other ideas about booking a smoothie bar? Contact us right away and we will help you as soon as possible.

What Evenses can do for you

As a specialist in the field of entertainment, we have several options for smoothie bars that are suitable for all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events. Whether you're giving a summer party in the yard and want to add a touch of freshness or organising a company lunch where you want to offer tasty drinks that are also healthy, ultimately Evenses can help you find the ideal option for your event. By booking a smoothie bar, you can make your party completely unique, especially if you have the smoothie bar personalised in advance.

Contact Evenses today for a free consultation and we will get to work on taking your wishes into account to make your event as successful as possible. We are available seven days a week and can be reached by email or telephone. You can also begin looking through the options yourself and submit a request through the form.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.