Do you want to hire a pop duo for your party, wedding or business party? Booking office Evenses offer different types of duos, such as a pop duo, an acoustic duo, a jazz duo and a classic duo. Our pop duos perform hits from the past and present from known artists around the world!
Our duos are ready to leave you wanting more and feeling as if you just had your own personal concert. The beauty of having a talented pop duo is providing a mix of songs that everyone will enjoy and having the dynamic of live vocals to make it more powerful.

Evenses has a wide range of duos available to hire for your birthday, event or business party. All our couples are carefully selected and screened so that we can guarantee you the best quality for your booking. Pop music is extremely popular amongst both young and old nowadays and fits every occasion well, whether you are throwing a business party or celebrating your golden wedding.

A duo is an ideal formation for when a band is too much, or a soloist too little! A duo provides a rich, but not dominating sound for the perfect atmosphere during your event. Our duos can play the guitar, piano, violin and double bass, and also naturally come equipped with beautiful singing voices!

Hire a pop duo for your wedding, business party or event

Do you still have questions, or would you like more information regarding our pop duos and what could be possible at your event? Then you can always request an offer without obligation or call our office.

We’d love to help you out making your wedding, party or other occasions a success by providing a pop duo!