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10 Reviews

Their music is creative and unique, often complimented by harmonica, effects and keyboards!

£400 - £1000
100% match


6 Reviews

Swan is a fabulous duo with the sound of a five-piece band!

£600 - £1320
Illusion Duo
100% match

Illusion Duo

4 Reviews

A brilliant acoustic duo ready to bring an intimate concert

£950 - £1805
String City
100% match

String City

3 Reviews

London's most exciting young string quartet is here!

£450 - £1125
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Music duo

Music Duo

Would you like to hire a music duo for your party, birthday or wedding? You can book your duo via the Evenses artist agency, and make your event a success. We offer you a wide range of duos. You can, for example, hire vocal duos, singer-instrument duos and instrumental music duos.

Our music duos are selected based on their enthusiasm, experience and musicality, thus guaranteeing the highest musical quality. Our professional artists are ready to provide top entertainment for your event! Do you want a music duo that performs classical music at your wedding? Then you can reserve the classical duo "Vianova". If you want to book a pop duo for your birthday or jubilee, you can book one of our cover band duos. If you like jazz, you can book one of our jazz duos. You can also choose to hire one of our famous duos, like pop duo "Ocean Beat" or "Oliver and Jess".

The Musis Duo is an enduring and versatile musical format. . Return to the rowdy 50s and you track down the Everly Brothers. In the 60s there was Simon and Garfunkel. Womack and Womack got us groovin' during the 70s and during the 80s we bopped our hearts out to Wham and the synth pop of Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys. From hip hop to independent metal duos, we've seen everything,

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Our artists like to make your event a success by playing music that adheres to your tastes. Do you want a pop or jazz duo that performs top 40 hits for your business party... or would your occasion better suit a classic duo? Our artists' agency will select the perfect musician for your party in consultation with you. When you discuss your preferences with us, we can provide you with a tailored selection of music duos. We can also quote the price for you at that time. All Evenses’ quotes are all-inclusive, so you will never be surprised by extra charges.

Hire a music duo for your party, birthday or wedding

Would you like to hire one of our music duos for your party, birthday or reception? If so, you should contact our booking office. Our employees are always at your disposal and will be more than happy to help you out with matters concerning hiring a music duo.

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