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Piano Rental
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Piano Rental

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Rent a beautiful piano for the perfect musical addition to your dinner, reception or event.

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Rent a piano for your business party or festival
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Piano Rental

Wishing to rent a piano for your company party, wedding, event or party? Are you going to organize a nice reception in a month to honor your wedding day and are you still looking for ways to improve the atmosphere? Are you going to organize a party for family and friends in a few weeks for your birthday, and you want to arrange some music for the occasion? Or is your oldest daughter getting married next spring and would you like to organize something romantic to make her big day completely unforgettable? In such cases, booking a piano might just be the ideal solution.

There are few instruments that evoke an elegant atmosphere as easily as a live piano. In this case we are talking about booking a piano alone and not a pianist. However, that does not mean that such a thing is not possible, because with Evenses you can easily choose a professional pianist if you wish. You can book pianos with or without pianists, it just depends on what you want and what you have in mind for the party or event that you are going to organize.


Apart from the choice of whether you want to book the piano with or without a pianist, you can also choose from different types of pianos. From classical, digital, to beautiful grand pianos, there is several variations that are available. Feel free to take a look at the selection of pianos and grand pianos, so that you can form a good idea of ​​what we can do for you and your party.

Since there is an enormous amount of variation in the field of piano music, you can go in many different directions when booking a piano in terms of music and the atmosphere at your party or event. Is the occasion a wedding and are you looking for romantic live music? Are you organizing a drink at the office and you want to surprise your colleagues with authentic live jazz? Or are you going to organize a birthday soon and would you just like to have some live piano music? You can hire a certain type of piano for your own guests to play and show off their skills!

The great thing about booking a piano at Evenses is that we make sure you get a top quality piano at your party or event and take care of transport, placement, and tuning of the piano. The placement must be on the ground floor, unless the location has a sloping ramp or a lift that is large enough for the piano in question. If this is the case, we will not charge anything extra. This way you can book a piano and you don't have to worry about anything else.

Booking a piano for your party or event does not have to be difficult, but given the varied offerings in the UK, it is advisable to receive help from a company that has experience in such bookings. At Evenses, we have an extensive range of pianos that we have already booked for countless parties and events. We are happy to make that expertise available to our customers, so that you can book the perfect piano for the event that you are going to organize.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to explore the options yourself, then you can start taking a look at all the available options using the search engine on our website. Furthermore, we will briefly explain some history of the piano and the different ways you can take booking a piano.

A piece of history about the piano**

piano notes.jpg

The exact year in which the piano was invented is not known, but we do know that the piano was invented by the Italian musical instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori, somewhere around the year 1700. At the time, the new instrument was called a pianoforte, or sometimes fortepiano. Both the word piano and the word forte come from Italian music terminology, the first being soft and the last strong. In the context of the piano, these terms refer to the variation in volume that occurs as a result of the pianist pressing the keys of the piano softer or louder. The fortepiano is widely seen as the precursor of the contemporary piano and is the instrument on which, for example, Mozart has composed all his piano music.

The modern piano is a percussion, key, and string instrument that can be used to create music through the use of a combination of a keyboard and two or three pedals. The sounds are created by pressing the keys of the piano's keyboard, because each key ensures that the hammers strike the strings of the piano via a mechanism on the inside. The pianist can then further determine the sounds with the pedals.

The typical, smaller piano that you occasionally encounter in people's homes is also called buffet piano or living room piano. This type has the strings in a vertical composition and produces a less powerful sound than a grand piano. With a grand piano, the strings lie horizontally in a plane and the pianist can create a larger volume. The projection of the sound is also better in the case of a grand piano. Furthermore, the electric piano or keyboard has also gained popularity in recent decades, thanks in particular to techno and rock music.

Which way can you go with booking a piano?

As we wrote earlier, the piano is a very versatile instrument, both in terms of the types of pianos that exist and types of music that can be played with it. From classical pianos to digital pianos and from classical music to electronic music, your possibilities and combinations are plenty. In order to familiarize yourself a bit with the world of piano bookings, we have listed some of the most common types of pianos below that you can book with us.

Classical piano

This type of piano is generally smaller than a grand piano and also one of the types that you encounter most in people's homes. Both beginners and advanced pianists can make beautiful music with a beautiful acoustic piano, and given its smaller size, transporting it is also a lot easier. This type of piano is perfect for playing classical music, but it can also perfectly play piano versions of pop hits.

classical piano.jpg

Digital piano

Some people claim that the digital piano, sometimes referred to as the keyboard, is not a real piano, but this type of piano does have an important role in the piano world. The difference between a digital piano and a keyboard lies mainly in the fact that a digital piano is not only identical to a classical piano in terms of sound, but also in terms of playing. In addition, you can also connect some digital pianos to smart devices, such as a telephone or tablet. That way you can easily adjust the settings or record your piano sessions right away.

digital piano.jpg

Wings or grand pianos

As we wrote earlier, you will find a separate section for grand pianos on our website, among other things because there is also a lot of variation in the area of ​​wings. The grand piano is the largest type of piano, certainly the concert grand piano, and also the type of piano that is perfect for giving concerts in larger spaces. One of the things that our specialists will look at with you when booking a piano, is whether your party and the location is suitable for a grand piano. If the space is quite small, a smaller classic piano would certainly be the better option.

grand piano.jpg

What Evenses can do for you

One of the big advantages of booking the pianos on our website, is that we already have a lot of experience with these instruments and suppliers. We have already booked the pianos that you will find in our portfolio for our customers many times before. To give you an insight into the experience of those customers you can also find extensive reviews on the available pianos on the website. In combination with some video material and the help of our bookers, you can get a clear picture of the instruments before making a decision.

In addition to renting a piano, it is also possible to book a pianist. The pianists of Evenses are professional, representative, and also personally contracted by us. This way you have certainty about the quality of the pianist and the performance that will be given to your event.

Whilst you consider acoustic instruments for your events you may want to have a look at our selection of harpists, violinist or saxophonist among others.

The wishes of the customer are the most important to us at Evenses. That is why we offer telephone contact on weekdays and during the weekend. If you have any questions or would like to report something about your booking, please do not hesitate to contact Evenses. We are happy to help you book the perfect entertainment for your event.

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