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Book a band for your party, wedding, drink or business party. An essential ingredient for the success of your wedding, birthday, or reception is booking great live music with a good band. 


Evenses offers a selection of professional bands you can book. You can consider hiring a cover band, but we also offer a variety of bands such as brass bands, Latin bands, rock bands, tribute bands, jazz bands, and world music bands.



A nice addition to hiring one of our bands is to arrange a DJ to join them for for between sets. You can look through our catalogue of bands on the website and then request to reserve one!


By reserving a live band at Evenses, you are guaranteed an experienced team which only consists of very professional musicians. Our music groups are hired on a daily basis and booked for events, festivals, and parties. All music groups are selected based on quality, enthusiasm, and experience.



Book a band for your wedding, business party or festival



Are you looking for a band, and want to be sure of a stunning wedding or staff party? Check out our selection of cover bands, jazz bands, Latin bands and soul bands, to book a band for your event. Do you have any questions regarding our bands and acts, such as which band you should hire or what the costs of booking a cover band are? Then you can contact us seven days a week; our experienced event specialists enjoy helping you select the best cover band for your party.  


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Whether it's an end-of-year party at work, a birthday full of entertainment, or a beautiful wedding, everyone who has ever organized an event knows that feeling of adding that finishing touch. In many cases the answer is: a nice live band. For example, you can book live bands that come to play for an hour or bands that provide a complete show for the entire event. In addition, at Evenses you can also easily choose from live bands with a specialization in different music styles. From covers of the best pop, rock, jazz, or latin music, there is a genre for everyone.


It is important to take a few factors into account when booking a live band. For example, it is important that the style of the band fits well with the party and that the costs fit within your budget. It is also advisable to get some information about several bands so that you can have a solid backup plan. It is for these reasons that Evenses is as helpful and transparent as possible as a company. On this page you can find tons of reviews from satisfied customers that can give further insight on booking this band. We are available seven days a week if you have questions about what we can do for you and your event!


Why is live music worth considering?

Booking a live band often gives a party that "wow" factor that gets people energized. Certainly in comparison with music from a CD or the radio, a good band can add some liveliness and excitement to almost any type of event. Think, for example, of a Latin band for a summer night of salsa with friends or a cover band that performs all your partner's favorite 90s songs on their birthday. Whatever the party may be, live music from a good band is rarely a bad idea.

In addition to the musical aspect, booking a live band also provides a nice visual element at your party. A graduation party with a band will sound and look a lot livelier, than a live violin orchestra. When the band's interaction with the guests is good, the party's atmosphere will benefitted and something that is unique to your average party.


Some tips for booking a live band

At first glance, booking a live band doesn't seem very complicated, but there are certain things to keep in mind and take into account. From availability and music style, to sorting a location and equipment, the more the band fits your wishes the better your party will be. At Evenses, we are always available for if you have questions about booking a band and listed below are some important tips to do this. If it is the first time that you are going to book a band for a party or event, we recommend that you contact us, so that you can choose the ideal live music together with our booking specialists.


Whether you're booking a band or any type of entertainment, one important tip is to be on time. The earlier you contact a band for a booking, the more likely they are still free for the date you have in mind for your party. Depending on how important a particular band is for the party, you can also make the date of the event depend on the availability of the band. In any case, it is wise to not wait until the very last moment to book a live band.


If you have never considered booking a live band then you may be surprised by just how many options there are to choose from. Rock bands, orchestras, jazz bands, and even coverbands will have you searching for days. Therefore, before starting your search for the perfect live band, it is a good idea to make some elements of the party clear to yourself. What kind of party or event is it? What style of music do you have in mind? Where does it all take place? Knowing these details and acknowledging them to our event specilaists will allow your event to be efficiently planned and give you the most suitable act.


As soon as you have been able to compile a list of bands that you think fit your ideas, it's time to do some more research. You can ask Evenses specific things about the bands to gain further insight on which one is the best for your event. Ask to receive a video of the band at a wedding, pricing estimates based on a 4-piece band versus a 5-piece band, or even where exactly each band is located.


Thoroughly reading the band profiles on our website is the first step into researching the bands. You can get an idea of what kind of music the band can play, what instruments and equipment they need, and where they have recently performed.


It is also important to check if a certain band can perform in the venue location that you are having your event at. In general this is not a problem, but it is still important to check what is possible and what is permitted at the location. Be aware of the noise limits, equipment needed for the band, the size of the location, and the number of people that will be present. Most bands can adapt to the specific circumstances of your event, so it's always a good idea to make sure everything will be sorted.


One of the big plus points when it comes to booking a live band for your party is that you have the option to make requests. That is, in most cases you can ask a band to prepare some songs to your or your choice to play during the party. Think of your daughter's favorite song for her birthday or the song that played during the first kiss with your partner. There aren't many better ways to give your party a personal touch. If this sounds like a great plan, first check with the band to see if it's possible.


Finally, the last tip necessary for a successful event plan is to always maintain contant communication. When you are organizing a party, there are few things that are more frustrating than a band that does not understand what you want. In addition to the music that the band plays, the manner of communication is also important. Is the band easily accessible? Are they open to suggestions and requests from your side? Do they respond to your messages on time? This may seem minor, but fluent communication makes the entire booking and preparation process a lot more pleasant. That is the reason why Evenses is available seven days a week for consultation.

As you now realize, booking a live band for your party or event is not difficult, but it is important to take into account a few factors. At Evenses you can book a wide range of live bands and acts, from jazz bands and classical orchestras to rock bands and soloists, for a variety of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, and commemorations. In addition to the tips above, we also recommend that you contact us so that we can discuss your event and find the best possible entertainment that you desire.

Bands you can hire for your wedding, company party and birthday party







jamie benkert collective corporate entertainment
Up The Funk
Fresh and new for 2018, this band features a familiar face from The X Factor
650,-price on requesta
bob marley tribute band
Bob Marley Tribute Band
This experienced band put on a great show and can perform all of the best hits.
2000,-price on requesta
Photo 3
The Top Cats
The Top Cats are a professional party band that play pop, funk, soul, & rock covers.
695,-price on requesta
Duo The Heat Waves
Ocean Beat
Two highly experienced professionals playing classy, chilled versions of modern popular music
550,-price on requesta
Screen Shot 2019 09 12 at 9
Free Agents
Classics, pop, and good times when you book this trio!
1100,-price on requesta
Book our popular band
An experienced and exciting electric band in a trio or duo!
2000,-price on requesta
book a cover band
The Fest
We will guarantee a superb atmosphere at your event, leaving memories that will last forever!
1400,-price on requesta
wedding band for hire male female vocalist
New Weekend
With both experience and the technique, this band will definitely rock you!
800,-price on requesta
kerstband huren diner
Jazzy Little Xmas
Are you looking for a small Christmas band that plays a jazzy Christmas repertoire?
645,-price on requesta
vintage trio for event
The Vintage Bluebirds
Specialising in 1940s "Andrews Sisters" style, let our vintage trio light up your event
850,-price on requesta
65123469 10157575226124994 8646116268924993536 n 0
Capri 80's
An electric '80s party band to rock you all night long
900,-price on requesta
vintage rock and roll
The Retro Tones
A fun and exciting Rock 'n' Roll band will bring the full experience and great vocals
970,-price on requesta
hire cover band
Groove Oddity
Their passion and dedication to the groove is witnessed at every live show!
900,-price on requesta
book coverband 1 1
Hot Riot
This fun and funky party band can bring a lot of personality to your event.
910,-price on requesta
surprise singers for hire
Singing Waiters
These two highly professional performers will have you and your guests in tears of laughter.
850,-price on requesta
female jazz vocal trio london
The Golden Girls
Adding a 1920's twist to their set list, this sophisticated trio is unique and unforgettable
1100,-price on requesta
IMG 5207
Golden Hearts
With a mix of instruments, this band gives you a fresh and new feel with great music
950,-price on requesta
band for hire wedding
This band is super flexible and can provide what you need for a party!
1000,-price on requesta
The Heat Waves 1
The Heat Waves
With a mix and match of instruments, give you event a fresh and new feel with great music
1000,-price on requesta
fun wedding band to hire
The Sleek Beats
A fresh and funky male and female band will keep you dancing all night!
950,-price on requesta