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Circus Acts

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Anything from jugglers, stilt walkers, clowns, fire acts, and unicyclists!

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Fire Show

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Do you want to have a spectacular evening? Book this special fire show!

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Fire Shows

Booking a fire show is the perfect way to provide your guests with a completely different experience. A fire show can be used at various occasions, such as a business party, function, event, wedding or festival. When hiring fire show, one thing is for sure, it will be a major spectacle.

Fire shows are original, mysterious, and exciting. Most fire shows take about 10 minutes. The fire shows are known for their beautiful matching costumes, varied dance styles, and fire techniques. The fire show can also be supplemented with the hiring of yet another spectacular show, for example, a fire breather.

Booking a fire show at Evenses has several advantages; Evenses uses an all-in price, meaning costs for travel and other costs are already included in the price. This will save you a lot of hassle, so you can relax and look forward to enjoying a spectacular fire show!


Hire a fire show for your party, festival or business party!

If you are interested in** going the extra mile**, hiring a fire show is the ideal option. Booking a fire show is ideal for your festival, event, staff party, function or wedding. Fire shows can be used for both small and large-scale events.

You can contact one of our employees, with no obligation, and we’ll be delighted to help you find the right fire show for your event!

Blog about the fire shows

Will you soon be celebrating your wedding anniversary and you're looking for something to really make it an unforgettable day? Are you responsible for organizing the summer street barbecue and want to arrange something unique for the entertainment? Or is your company going to be at a large trade show soon and you need something to stand out from the competition? You may not have thought of it yourself, but a live fire show might be the right option for you.

A fire show is a live performance by one or more professional artists who use fire elements such as flames and fire rings to perform a show. During the show the dancers are accompanied by fiery patterns and colours, which create a beautiful and unique visual spectacle. A fire show of about ten minutes can be the perfect accompaniment to a presentation, the opening of an event, or, for example, the transition between the main course and the dessert at a grand banquet.

One of the nice things about booking a fire show is that it can also easily be complemented with other elements such as fire eaters. With some ensembles a fire eater is already included, while with others a fire eater can be added without too much trouble. In addition, a great deal can also be found by accompanying the fire performance with music, costumes, and dance styles.

At Evenses, we know all too well what a professional fire show can add to parties and events of our customers. That is why we offer various options in this area, from solo acts to impressive choreographed group performances. Our customers are often amazed at how easy it is to get a real professional fire show.

When it comes to event type, a fire show actually gives you an abundance of possibilities. From special birthdays and dazzling weddings, to festive corporate events and huge festivals, you can book a fire show for almost any occasion. Whatever type of party you organize, chances are that booking a fire show will make for a memorable party, both for your guests and for yourself.

While it doesn't necessarily need to be difficult to book a fire show, ultimately it is wise to call in an experienced company for help. As specialists in the field of party planning and entertainment, we have already organized numerous fire shows at Evenses for different customers. We are happy to make that expertise available to you and make your event a massive success. You can reach our event specialists seven days a week or you can start by exploring the available options yourself.

Take the first step of your search by utilizing the search engine on our website. With this you can search for acts under different parameters and ensure the act you want will be the right one for your event. Furthermore, below we will take a closer look at what a fire show is and why booking it can be such a good idea for the party or event that you are going to organize.


Why would you book a fire show for your party?

As we said before, booking a fire show is not the first thing you think of when you are looking for entertainment for an event you are organizing. However that does not mean it would not be a bad idea. In fact, it could just be a perfect addition to the festivities. In any case, it is the perfect way to give your guests a completely different experience. Fire shows are mysterious, original, and exciting that ensure a spectacle. If you are not yet convinced, we will list some good reasons to book a fire show below.

It is a very original form of entertainment

A professional fire show is not something that you encounter every day. Whether it's a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event, a show with burning flames, jugglers walking across the stage with burning pawns, and dangerous dancing will certainly impress the audience. To get an idea of ​​the impression a fire show makes on the people present, you can read the reviews on our website about the acts in our portfolio. There are reviews from people who have seen the various fire performers live and will give you insight on how it can benefit your event.

You can be sure that your guests will talk about it for a long time

Since a fire show is so unique it ensures that people will remember your event for a long time and is ultimately what you want as an organizer. You can count on a lot of cell phones appearing the moment the act starts. The majority of guests at your event surely have not seen a live fire performance in front of them before, so booking a fire show is an excellent addition to the festivities in order to massively impress everyone in attendance.

It is a perfect way to keep the party alive

When you are arranging or attending an event that tends to run slow, such as award ceremonies or weddings, booking a fire show can be the perfect way get everyone energized. Generally, a professional fire show lasts no longer than ten minutes, making it an ideal act to initiate announcements or speeches, or to guide the transition between different parts of the party. For whatever reason you book the fire show, you are guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests.

Fire shows are versatile

A fire show is quite a broad concept overall, because there is quite a bit of variation. You can, for example, book a beautiful solo act combining fire technique, dance, and costumes to create an enchanting whole. You can also go for entire ensembles where a group of professional artists in different formations can provide a performance. You can also combine the various acts available with each other, or with a completely different form of entertainment, such as a DJ or a group of acrobats. Make sure you always discuss this well with the artists beforehand, so that the entire performance can be perfectly matched with each component.

Even if you have never booked a fire show before, it is not difficult to imagine that certain basic conditions, such as enough space, are crucial for a successful performance. However, that does not mean that fire shows are only suitable for a few locations. On the contrary, a fire show can be of great added value in a wide range of different locations, as long as there is enough room for the artists to display their arts. In addition, a fire show is also perfect for parties and events that take place outdoors and for nightly occasions.

What Evenses can do for you

Few acts look as impressive visually as a live fire show. By booking a professional fire show you can create an energetic and literally flaming atmosphere. It is also an original addition to your event that your guests will not get the chance to experience up close every day.

One of the big advantages of working with the fire shows on our website is that we already have a lot of experience with booking these acts. We have booked fire shows many times before for our customers. To give you an insight into the experience of those customers you can also find extensive reviews on the available fire shows on the website. In combination with some video material, pictures, and the help of our bookers, you can get a good idea of the acts and ensembles that can potentially perform at your event.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.