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Cartoonist Silu
100% match

Cartoonist Silu

9 Reviews

Quick, cute, and amazing portraits for your event!

£350 - £700
Cartoonist Jules
100% match

Cartoonist Jules

8 Reviews

Laugh and smile with a hand drawn caricature of yourself!

£325 - £700
Cartoonists for hire at Evenses!
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Cartoonists for hire at Evenses!  Want to book a quick drawing artist for your birthday, company party, or wedding? At Evenses, we can provide professional and experienced caricaturists to hire. The artists were personally selected by us on the basis of professionalism, quality, and drawing style.

The caricaturists all have the skills to give your event a humorous memento by having a caricature made. There are several options for choosing a caricature artist that are important to keep in mind!

The quick craftsman will visit you and can draw a cartoon in at least 6 minutes. He greatly exaggerates the personal facial features in the drawings, so that you get hilarious results!

Are you interested in renting a caricaturist? Feel free to request a free quote. We will do everything in our power to make all your wishes come true. At Evenses, you can hire a quick draftsman to efficiently give your guests great drawings that they can remember and laugh at!

But what is a cartoonist anyway? A cartoonist is a quick draftsman, sometimes also called a caricaturist, who makes portraits at very fast speeds. At your party, for example, a quick draftsman could make funny drawings of your guests. In general, such drawings are also called caricatures and have a funny undertone. Not only is it fun entertainment during the party, but also an original souvenir of the party, since your guests can take their portraits home with them.


Whichever style you are looking for or type of cartoonist you want to book, we are happy to help you find the ideal choice for your party. To start, you can take a look at this website. Book your professional cartoonist today with Evenses, so that you may have a humourous and long lasting service provided for your important event!

Blog About Cartoonists

Are you planning the birthday party for your child and would like to organize something original to make the party memorable? Is your partner a huge fan of art and cartoon characters, and you're looking for a way to combine that with a party? Or are you part of the organization of the annual party at the office and want to surprise the rest of the colleagues with something fun? You may not have thought about it yet, but booking a cartoonist could be a fantastic idea.

But what is a cartoonist anyway? A cartoonist, sometimes also called a caricaturist, is an artist who makes portraits quickly by looking at a model. For example, a cartoonist could make funny or descriptive drawings of your guests at the event by having them sit down in front of them and quickly sketching. In general, such drawings are also called caricatures and have a funny undertone. Not only is it fun entertainment during the party, but also serves as an original souvenir from the party.

Booking a cartoonist can add value to a variety of different events. From birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events, booking a cartoonist can add a touch of humor to the party or event that you are organizing. The presence of a quick draftsman also gives the party an extra dynamic, since your guests are actively entertained by the artist, especially when his or her drawings are appreciated.

Booking the ideal quick draftsman for your party or event does not have to be complicated, but given the varied offer in the Netherlands and Belgium, it is generally a good idea to call in the help of a party who is familiar with the world of rapid artists. Not every quick draftsman will fit well with the type of party that you have in mind. At Evenses we have excellent contacts with various professional quick draftsmen for whom we have already taken care of countless bookings. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect quick draftsman for the event that you are going to organize.

Whatever style of artist you are looking for, Evenses is happy to help you find and book the ideal choice for your party. To start, you can already take a look at the website and scroll through the profiles of cartoonists in our portfolio via the search engine. In addition, you will also find a large number of reviews from people who have already booked the cartoonist. Furthermore, you can reach our event specialists seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail and telephone. We want to help find the best cartoonist for your event!

Why is it fun to book a cartoonist?

As mentioned earlier, a cartoonist is someone who can make a cartoon of the guests at your party or event in a short time. This can be really fast: a professional quick draftsman can create dozens of portraits in a matter of hours. Depending on your preferences and those of the artist, these can be drawn on paper, on napkins, on beer mats, whatever you want. If you have not yet considered booking a cartoonist for your party, we will list a pros of such entertainment below.

A cartoonist represents universal entertainment

Unlike many other forms of entertainment that you can book for an event you are about to organize, the art of a quick artist is very universal. Music is a niche form of entertainment, because certain guests might only enjoy listening to certain music. However, a cartoonist can satisfy any person by drawing them a fun picture of themself. During international events, such as large office parties or weddings, for example, this can be very useful.

A cartoonist is unique

To ensure that a cartoonist can do his or her job, it is sometimes necessary that your guests take a few minutes to pose. That can be a refreshing moment of rest for them, especially if most of the party is very energetic. In between eating, dancing, and drinking it can be nice to sit for a few minutes while the quick draftsman makes a nice portrait. A cartoonist can highlight the fine details of a person that gives a special memento after leaving the party but also entertains at the party.


A cartoonist can be an eye catcher

In comparison with other acts that you can book for your party or event, a quick draftsman can be a very original addition to the festivities. A cartoonist can be a big hit at a birthday or a wedding, but also at trade shows and other professional events. By booking a quick draftsman, you increase the chance of attracting potential new customers, since people have to spend at least a few minutes at your stand to have their portrait made. That gives you time to do your sales pitch in an informal setting.

A cartoonist creates lasting memories for your guests

One of the nicest things about booking a cartoonist is that you provide the people present with a fun and lasting memory of the party. Every portrait is a personal work of art that people can take home. This way you can be sure that there will be a long talk about your party or event.

What should you pay attention to when booking a cartoonist?

Booking a cartoonist does not have to be complicated, but it is wise to take a few factors into account during the booking process. We have listed a few things below that you should keep in mind if you are considering booking a quick draftsman for your party or event.

Do you like the earlier work of the quick artist in question?

Since drawing caricatures is a very personal form of art, the style of drawing can vary enormously per artist. For that reason it is important to take a look at the work of the cartoonists before making a booking. You can do this by exploring the reviews and pictures of the options on our website. For example, Cartoonist Silu draws his subjects with careful detail to convey the beauty and emotion in the person's face. Cartoonist Jules on the other hand typically draws fun caractitures that are lighthearted and funny.

How does the cartoonist work?

Broadly speaking, there are two ways in which a cartoonist can work at your event: while sitting at a fixed place at the party or walking amongst guests. It's important to keep certain factors in mind that an artist needs to be successful. Good lighting, paper, and tools are needed for the artist to do his drawings best. Make sure to discuss these factors early in the booking process. The second way is by having the artist capture a photo of the guest and using that photo for the caricature. This would allow the guest to enjoy the event then returning later for their souvenir.

How long do you want the cartoonist to draw at the event?

Overall, a cartoonist is essentially a performer just as a DJ or musician might be at an event. It is therefore important to make an agreement on how long the artist will stay to draw, how many portraits in total he can do, and when he will be taking some breaks. By agreeing to these details, you can then avoid any miscommunication and feel secure during the event.

What does the caroonist need to do his or her job?

Simply put, a cartoonist does not need anything more than paper and a pen, but it's still important to discuss this with them before finalizing the booking. In addition, you may have to arrange a chair and table for the artist. To further personalize the event, you can also have the artist draw on personalized paper, such as a company logo or name of the wedding couple on it. Whatever you want, be sure to consult it with the artist well in advance.


What Evenses can do for you...

As an entertainment agency, we work together with a wide range of artists who are suitable for all kinds of events, from birthdays and weddings to festivals and business events. Whether you give a summer party in the garden and want to add a touch of humour or are organizing a New Year's Eve dinner for the office, Evenses will be happy to help you find the ideal option. By booking a quick draftsman you can make your party completely unique, especially if you agree with him or her beforehand what kind of portraits are drawn and what the emphasis is on.

It is advisable to book a cartoonist from a company that has enough experience working with artists. Evenses has been active in the world of artist bookings for years and we have booked hundreds of different acts. If you want to explore yourself first, you can use the search engine on our website. In addition, you can also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a cartoonist. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that we will help you find the most suitable act for your event.

Already considering what would pair well with a caricature artist? Based on our numerous requests history, we've seen where caricature artist are often booked with magicians, as one sits to sketch the other may be capturing the audience in another corner of the room or enchantingly maneuvering their way through the crowd to the tune of a instrumental musician.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.