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DJ Luke
100% match

DJ Luke

5 Reviews

Evenses proudly presents a passionate DJ for anyone & every event; with over 20 yrs experience!

£350 - £875
DJ Billie
100% match

DJ Billie

Entergetic party DJ and actress ready to rock the crowd!

£600 - £1320
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Techno DJs

Would you like to hire a Techno DJ for your event?

Book one of the most well-known Techno DJs from the UK to give an extraordinary performance at your corporate event, birthday, or wedding. The British Techno DJs set up unfathomable DJ playlists to deliver an incredible party to you and your visitors.

The DJs are named in DJ mag top 100 as the best DJs of the UK and Netherlands. The DJs can give an astonishing hour long exhibition of the best dance music available. We offer the DJ equipment in order for you to make a uninhibited evening for yourself as well as your visitors.

Why book a DJ?
Booking a specialized DJ is one of the main decisions you can make while setting up an event. They can optimize the flow of the event, reduce the pressure on everyone involved, and offers assurance that the sound quality and aesthetic of the set-up are awesome.

What do professional DJs do?
Professional DJs go father beyond just playing music. They work to make an experience like no other, raising your occasion to a higher level. This is why it's so vital to hire a DJ with adequate experience to manage such colossal commitments. At Evenses we work with the most elite and deliver entertainment of quality beyond compare.

We have a few EDM DJs, similar to the popular DJ names Lucas and Steve, Fedde Le Grand and Vizual. They give different shows and celebration exhibitions all through the Netherlands and UK.

Is it true that you are thinking about recruiting one of our Techno DJs? Get some information about our accessible choices we couldn't imagine anything better than to help! You can contact us day in and day out by phone or by email.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.