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Simon Gars
100% match

Simon Gars

7 Reviews

Exclusive show with a DJ & a live saxophonist!

£450 - £1125
Saxophonist Sarah
100% match

Saxophonist Sarah

12 Reviews

Also known as, The Swarovski Saxophonist, Sarah will add a special sparkle to any event!

£1500 - £2700
Oliver & Jess
100% match

Oliver & Jess

4 Reviews

Two highly acclaimed professionals with a great feel for music and vocals.

£550 - £1210
Do you want to book a DJ and guitarist for your business party, wedding or birthday?
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Book a DJ and guitarist

Do you want to book a DJ and guitarist? You can get a DJ and guitarist to come to your event for a special combo to kick your event off. Our all-round DJs provide an energetic show as standard, with the hits from the past and present played throughout. It is also possible to pass on requests, so you are guaranteed to hear your favourite songs.

A live guitar player is the added element that can really impress the crowd as our guitarists are professional and have a lot of experience. This allows them to respond well to the music that the DJ plays. They can improvise well and be sure that the dynamic of the DJ and their guitar only elevates the atmosphere during the party.

Hire a DJ and guitarist for your festival, event or wedding

In addition to a guitarist, it is also possible to hire other musicians for a performance with a DJ. You can consider a percussionist or saxophonist, but also a trumpet player or violinist. A combination of several is also possible, to create your very own party band.

Do you already have an idea of the kind of entertainment you want for your party or maybe you have questions about the possibilities? You can always call our employees to discuss everything and request an offer with no obligation.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.