Would you like to book photo & video for your wedding, birthday or party? Photos and videos are a nice memory of your birthday, dinner and staff party. Booking agency, Evenses, offers various options to capture your event on photo and video- a photo booth, video guestbook, a photographer and a videographer. The photos and videos are a unique and warm memory for you and your guests. Our photographers are selected by us, meaning they are professional photographers who deliver beautiful work. With anything from a Polaroid, to a photo trailer to a wedding photographer, make your occasion an unforgettable party. Our photo and video specialists know exactly what they need to do to capture all your beautiful new memories.
Hire photo and video for your reception, staff party or dinner

You can hire a photographer for your party… or would you prefer an LED photo booth? From booking a portrait photographer to a photo booth, we’d love to help you. Our employees like to stay in touch with you to answer your questions; questions regarding hiring a photo trailer, a wedding photographer, or a business videographer- everything is possible. Look for the photographer, video photographer or photo booth that you want below.