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3 Reviews

A jazzy mix of classic and modern hits by a professional quartet!

£800 - £1520
The Jazz Brothers
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The Jazz Brothers

5 Reviews

Bring your guests to a different atmosphere - jump into the past, as in travel through time?

£1100 - £1980
Jazz Mood
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Jazz Mood

3 Reviews

As a full band or a trio, these classy musicians provide great entertainment

£820 - £1560
Jazz Bird
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Jazz Bird

6 Reviews

Gifted with immensely emotional vocals, she takes great pride in knowing a large repertoire!

£1000 - £1900
Hire a jazz band for a wedding and business party.
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Jazz band

Book a Jazz Band for your party, wedding, or any event at Evenses! You can hire your perfect jazz option on the website. Our jazz bands perform existing hits from well-known artists and even play beautiful jazz improvisation if desired. Our artists are ready to make your event fantastic, so look no further than Evenses' excellent catalogue of bands.

Every professional artist is personally contracted based on their enthusiasm, musicality, and experience. You can choose a selection of jazz instruments played by a wide range of jazz musicians at Evenses. Jazz music originates in New Orleans through West-African rhythms. It was immensely popular in the 50s, but still, nowadays a lot of jazz is played. Many people were introduced to jazz at the North Sea Jazz festival. There are several forms of jazz, such as soul jazz, free jazz, combo jazz, swing jazz and cool jazz.

Book a jazz band for a successful party

Our jazz groups are waiting to get you straight onto the dance floor. A jazz orchestra can be booked for any occasion. To receive more information about the prices you can request an offer with no obligation. This offer contains the costs and the total price of hiring a dance orchestra or cover group from Evenses. Scroll down for more information regarding hiring jazz groups for your festivals, weddings, and birthdays, or contact one of our employees to look at booking a jazz band.

More information about booking a Jazz band

Despite the soothing nature of the music, the sophisticated image, and the variation that exists within the genre, live jazz music is still something that is rarely seen at parties and events. Whether it's a few atmospheric songs to open your party or quiet background music to accompany the annual company dinner, a live jazz band can help you set the perfect tone. For this reason, Evenses also offers various options for booking a jazz band. From traditional jazz bands and soloists to Dixieland bands and jazz duos, Evenses has a suitable choice for your event.

Live jazz music is the perfect way to add a touch of class to the party or event that you organise. Booking a jazz band will certainly appeal to your guests, especially in the right setting. Consider, for example, a Roaring Twenties event with friends or a relaxing show from a live jazz trio in the arrival hall of a wedding anniversary celebration. You can contact us seven days a week, via email and telephone if you have any questions regarding booking a live jazz band.

What exactly is jazz?

Jazz as a collective name is a musical genre with roots in the African-American population of New Orleans (United States) in the late 19th and early 20th century. The name itself is most likely derived from the word "jasm", a slang word from the 60s' that means "energy" or "pep". However, it is difficult to define jazz precisely, especially due to the many styles and cultures that have influenced music over the decades, including traditional West African music, Afro-Cuban habanera, and blues.

What most jazz types have in common is the improvisation element. With jazz music, the emphasis is much more on the performers, the way the music is played, and the interaction that the performers have with the audience. For example, Dixieland Jazz is known for the live interaction between the members of the band, where one of the members plays a melody each time and one of the other members always plays a counter melody. The jazz of the big bands from the 30s' and 40s' is a bit more structured in terms of musical arrangement.

At Evenses, we know the added value of booking a great jazz band for a party, wedding, or other occasion. For that reason, we offer an extensive range of options within the genre, from jazz duos, big Dixie bands, to various forms of modern smooth jazz. In addition, you can also book jazz bands that come to play popular pop or R&B hits with a jazzy undertone at your party. In other words, the jazz genre is very broad, but we can help you arrange whatever type of band you want to book.

Why book a jazz band for your party?

As we mentioned before: the calming nature of the music, the sophisticated image, and the variation that exists within the genre, are all ways that a jazz band can add value to your party. However, if you are still not convinced about booking a jazz band, then we still have a few good reasons for you.

It is important that jazz as a style of music fits in with the type of event that you are going to organise. The atmosphere that you want to evoke to your guests should be benefitted from the right music. Several studies, including those conducted by the University of Nevada, have shown that listening to music at a slow pace helps the body to relax and to cope with stress. For that reason, it can be an excellent idea to book a jazz band that can play calm jazz.

For occasions such as company dinners or weddings, the interaction between invitees is generally one of the most important indicators of whether the party is fun or not. Jazz music can help you get this done. In addition to the relaxing effect, jazz, and especially the slightly more up-tempo songs, also have a stimulating effect on the part of the brain that is responsible for language and communication. According to Dr. Charles Limb of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, listening to jazz can have positive effects on communication between people. By booking a jazz band and having them play in the background, you can also benefit from this yourself.

Still not completely convinced of the idea to book a jazz band for your party? The creative nature of jazz music and the calming effect it has on the body not only has a positive influence on the mental state of your guests but can also be good for physical health based on various studies.

For example, the post-anaesthesia unit of the Penn State Hershey Medical Center conducted a study in which they let patients listen to jazz. The idea behind the study was to find out if listening to certain music can help with relieving post-operative pain and stress. Listening to jazz led to a lower heart rate for patients, which is a crucial indicator in stress management. In addition, it was also noted that blood pressure dropped in certain cases, probably due to the fact that jazz makes the body relax. In addition, the blood vessels also relax, which makes them wider and therefore lowers blood pressure.

Finally, listening to jazz music also attributes various other, less researched health benefits. For example, jazz appears to have a positive effect on both the duration and intensity of a migraine attack, and regular listening to different types of jazz can have a stimulating effect on memory. In addition, it is possible that it also strengthens the functioning of our body's immune system. So it is not only fun and atmospheric to book a live jazz band for the party or event that you organise, but it also has a positive effect on the mental and physical health of your guests. In other words, why would you not book a jazz band for your party?

What can Evenses do for you?

As you now understand, jazz is a broad genre of music and one type of jazz is not the same. From big bands and Dixieland to smooth jazz and jazz-inspired pop hits, the variety is extensive. If you are thinking about going for a jazz band, you can start by taking a look at the available bands on our website. To keep our catalogue manageable for you to browse through, you can use the internal jazz band search engine. This allows you to filter the results of your search by your event type and the budget to make searching a lot easier.

In addition to exploring our range of jazz bands yourself, you can of course also contact us by filling in the quote form, after which an event specialist will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by email or telephone, seven days a week.

At Evenses, it is even possible to help determine the composition of the jazz band you want to book. We offer the possibility to book soloists and instruments, in addition to a jazz band. For example, if your loved one is crazy about harp music, then we can make sure that the jazz band you want to book also contains a harpist. Or could an accordion create the right atmosphere at your party? Next to a live jazz band, book an accordionist for that finishing touch.

In short, we are happy to help you organise an unforgettable party, whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a festival. Contact us at Evenses today!

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