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Martin Garrix
100% match

Martin Garrix

3 Reviews

Martin Garrix is a huge talent and was voted the best DJ in 2016!

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DJ Vizual
100% match

DJ Vizual

7 Reviews

Famous and professional DJ for your best event, party or wedding.

£700 - £1540
Don Diablo
100% match

Don Diablo

3 Reviews

Do you want Don Diablo at your party? Do it at Evenses!

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Ewan McVicar
100% match

Ewan McVicar

Scotland's very own DJ Ewan McVicar now available for booking!

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Famous DJ - book one for your party, birthday or wedding
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Famous DJ

Book a Famous DJ for your party, festival, or event! You can reserve a well-known disc jockey for any occasion via Evenses. Every famous DJ at Evenses can be rented for every opportunity given the right necessity.

We have:

We offer you famous DJs that are listed high in the DJ-Mag top 100. Our DJs from the scene of famous UK artistes can play all kinds of different styles for you. Which DJ is the best to book? If there is a hardstyle DJ on your "we are getting married" list, you can hire Yellow Claw or Altern 8. If you want party music, you can request one of our Urban or Top 40 DJs. It is also possible to make a combination booking with one of our famous singers and DJs. A DJ will always get the party started, but a famous one will leave a lasting impression for your event!

Want to book a DJ from the top list of talents? We are always ready to advise you on which DJ is the most suitable for your party. You can also request a quote, which states the total costs. Evenses works with an all-inclusive price, so there are never unexpected costs afterwards. Book your famous DJ and experience your event like a night out! View our complete range of famous DJs here. Below you will also find a blog where you can learn more about booking a famous DJ.

Blog about famous DJs

Are you finally getting married and you're looking for the perfect way to get all guests dancing all night? Is the annual neighbourhood party coming up in the summer and you want to make it a memorable one? Or will your son soon be 21 and would you like to surprise him with a gigantic party outdoors? Have you ever thought about booking a famous DJ for the party or event you are going to organise? Booking a famous DJ might just be the thing that turns a fun party into an unforgettable happening.

Booking an artist or a famous DJ is not strictly business for big parties and festivals. Many famous DJs can be booked for smaller parties and events in the UK, regardless of the music style. From EDM and hardstyle to house and authentic party music, there are names within every genre that your guests will find familiar. This also ensures that booking a famous DJ can be an excellent option for a varied number of occasions, from birthdays and weddings to corporate events and festivals.

Whether a DJ is well known or not, it is important to know what type of DJ you are looking for. For example, one DJ might deliver a smashing club evening with its relaxed EDM sound, but it will be disappointing if you are actually looking for hardcore house. It is a shame to spend time, effort, and budget to book a well-known DJ who ultimately might not add value to your event. For that reason, it is generally useful to have an idea of the famous DJ you like and the kind of music you want to hear at your party before booking.

Only at Evenses, you can have direct access to hundreds of well-known DJs that can be booked for the event that you organise. From national stars like DJ Vizual to international ones such as Fedde le Grand and Martin Garrix, the range is very extensive. That is, of course, ideal for when you want to organise the perfect party and book a well-known DJ, although the process of searching and booking does not get any easier.

It is generally a good idea to work with a company who has experience in the field of artist bookings. Not every famous DJ will fit well with the kind of party you have in mind. At Evenses, we have an extensive portfolio of well-known DJs that we have booked countless times. We are happy to make this expertise available to our customers so that they can book the perfect DJ for the event they are going to organise.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. You can also explore yourself by scrolling through the profiles of the available well-known DJs by using the search engine on our website. You should also keep in mind that you will most likely have to deal with a booking agent, a manager, or another intermediary who acts as the DJ's representative. For that reason, we have listed what you can expect from working with Evenses and what benefits this has for you below.

Book a famous DJ: what is the role of the agent or manager?

You are going to organise a party or event and you have decided to look into the possibilities to book a famous DJ. This is definitely one of the best ways to ensure that your party will be a huge success, but booking a well-known DJ can raise quite a few questions, especially when it's the first time that you are going to make such a booking. One of the new experiences you will have in doing this is talking and negotiating with a representative of the famous DJ you want to book. This can be a manager or a booking agent that will facilitate the process of booking their famous client.

For the convenience

Having an experienced event agency would make it a lot easier for you to reach an agreement with a famous DJ in question. Imagine if the artist themself had to handle the countless requests without the aid of a manager. Thanks to the manager, the DJ can concentrate on his or her music and performances, while the manager ensures smooth communication with interested parties.

Experience counts

It often happens that famous artists and famous DJs are represented by people they have known for a long time. That means that as a customer, despite the fact that you do not speak to the artist himself, you are in contact with someone who knows the well-known DJ and knows what kind of events they prefer to perform at. This knowledge is certainly useful when planning your party and the role that the DJ should play since the manager or agent of the artist can provide you with advice in this area.

The right agent can help you save money

At Evenses we know all too well that the world of entertainment is a world of connections. That is why it can be very frustrating when you come across varying prices for the same famous DJ. Of course, you have to assume that every booking agency gets a piece of the pie when it comes to booking a famous act. Working with the right agency, however, can lead to an easier booking process and potentially even bring costs down.

Knowledge of what the artist needs

If the well-known DJ you want to book is well represented, his manager or booking agent will also know exactly what he or she needs to perform. This means that the intermediary probably also knows where you can, for example, rent the right amplifiers or the necessary lighting installations. This is certainly useful when you are organising an event at a location that still needs to be largely equipped for a live DJ act.

What Evenses can do for you

If you want to book a famous DJ in the UK, you will have to deal with a lot of variation in terms of acts and music styles. At Evenses we work with an extensive portfolio of well-known DJs that are suitable for performances at all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays, weddings, festivals, and corporate events. By booking a famous DJ, you can give your guests a show that they have probably never experienced before.

With Evenses, you can also book a well-known DJ in combination with other musical elements, such as instrumental accompaniment on the piano, the guitar, or the saxophone. Whether you want to turn your twentieth wedding day into the "talk of the town" or have the annual BBQ popping at the sports club, a well-known DJ ensures that there will be talk about your party. To give your party a personal finishing touch, you can arrange a repertoire with the artist. Many of the well-known DJs that we work with are open to requests for songs that you want to hear.

When booking with a famous DJ, it is advisable to do that with an experienced agency. Evenses has been active in the world of events and bookings for many years, and we have booked countless well-known DJs for our clients. Use the search engine on the website to see what we have to offer. You can also contact our bookers and event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a well-known DJ. You can reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that we will work with you on the well-known DJ books that perfectly match the party or event that you are going to organize.

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