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VR Experience
100% match

VR Experience

4 Reviews

Meet the latest of the latest in Virtual Reality!

£800 - £1520
Petting Zoo
100% match

Petting Zoo

2 Reviews

A fun and cute petting zoo perfect for any event.

£750 - £1650
Sand Artist Andrew
100% match

Sand Artist Andrew

5 Reviews

An incredible artist for hire to create beautiful art with sand!

£1200 - £2160
Attractions for rent for your event and business party. Check out our attractions.
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You want to book attractions at your location? At Evenses Entertainment, the attractions are well organized and of the highest quality possible. Evenses offers various possibilities for renting attractions, playground equipment, inflatables, and small-scale amusement rides.

Bring a theme park to your very own party! Consider the impact of hiring a swing ride, bungee trampoline, bounce castle, or even a robot show. The attractions are unloaded, assembled and, most importantly, collected by our suppliers. This makes the rent of all equipment care-free and easy. From children to adults, your guests will enjoy these attractions free of charge at your event!

Hire attractions for your festival jubilee party or theme party

Our attraction rental is suitable for almost every event. If you would like to have more information regarding hiring attractions, swing rides and other play equipment, feel free to request a no-obligation offer for a customized price. We are available 24/7 for your questions about hiring attractions.

Explanation of an attraction's benefits

Is your son or daughter's birthday coming soon and do you want to do something unforgettable for the party? Are you responsible for the summer neighborhood barbecue this year and you're still looking for a way to add some extra entertainment to the event? Or maybe you will get married in a few months and would you like to add something nice for the kids to the festivities? In these various situations it can be a huge boost to book a fun attraction for the guests in attendance.

Booking an attraction sounds like a broad concept, so you might ask yourself what we mean by this. An attraction is any sort of product that you can book as entertainment at your party or event. Consider, for example, bouncy castles, trampolines, video game trucks, mechanical bulls, petting zoos, etc. By booking attractions at Evenses, you can convert your venue or event space into a carnival in no time.

The great thing about booking an attraction is that you can add a lot with it. For example, are you going to organize a birthday party for your five-year-old daughter? Then a bouncy castle with a Princess theme could be the perfect party setter. Are you getting married soon and will have a lot of couples with children come to your wedding? Then a cool video game truck could be the perfect way to keep kids busy while the parents enjoy a well-deserved glass of bubbles. In short, by booking an attraction, you can give your party or event a unique feature that will benefit everyone.

By booking an attraction through Evenses you can be sure that you are acquiring a reliable product that is set up by professionals. From bouncy castles and bungee trampolines to rides and virtual reality experiences, all of the attractions are delivered and assembled by professionals. This saves you a lot of work and gives you more time to focus on other of the partie's details.

Booking an attraction for your event does not have to be difficult, but given the varied options in the U.K, it is advisable to call in the help of a company with experience in the field of such bookings. At Evenses, we have an extensive range of attractions of all shapes and sizes that we have already booked at several events We are happy to make that expertise available to our clients so that you can book the ideal attraction for the event that you are going to organize.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to go explore yourself, then you can first take a look at all available options using the search engine on our website. Furthermore, we will discuss in more detail below what kind of attractions we can arrange for you and what you should pay attention to when booking such products. Doing this will allow you to be prepared to book an attraction and be sure it is the right one that you want for your event.

What do we mean by booking an attraction?

As we briefly mentioned above, booking an attraction is a very broad concept. This is mainly due to the wide variety of attractions that are available for private parties and corporate events in the UK. The big advantage of this is that it greatly increases the chance of finding the attraction that fits with your idea. We definitely recommend taking the time to browse through the attractions on our website to give you a good idea of ​what we have to offer.


When you talk about festive attractions for children, there are few more iconic than the classic inflatable bounce house. Certainly at house parties and other outdoor events, but also indoors, a bouncy castle is guaranteed to be a hit among the children present. Booking a bounce house is very easy: you can choose to have it installed by the supplier or to use it with the supplied blower pump, bottom sheet, and set up the mounting yourself.


Trampolines are often very popular among younger guests at parties and events. In addition to normal trampolines, you can also search for so-called bungee trampolines at Evenses, whereby the guests can go even further and higher than they have ever gone before. The great thing about this is that, as an organizer, you don't have to worry about it after booking, because such attractions are rented out, including trained supervisors.

Wedding carriages

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding day or someone else's like a fairytale? Then booking a wedding carriage is definitely the perfect choice for you. You can choose from different types of carriages, including the Cinderella carriage, a Fairytale carriage, large and small carriages, and pink and white carriages. The carriages are drawn by beautiful Friesian horses, and the coachmen and palfreniers are fully dressed in style. In short, such a carriage can be the most elegant way to top off your wedding.

Some factors to look out for when booking an attraction

Since there is a lot of variation in the area of ​​available attractions to book, the details can also vary per booking. However, there are always certain factors that you should always pay attention to when booking an attraction, regardless of what this attraction is. Our booking specialists are ready to help you and below we have listed some important points for you.

Try to find reviews from other people

Photos can always look better than reality and stories can sound better than reality, so it's always wise to hear about other people's experiences with the attractions that you would like to book. For that reason you can find extensive reviews on our website of people who have previously used or booked the available attractions. In addition, you will often be able to find other information online that can help you form an idea of ​​how well the attractions fit in with the party that you are organizing.

Form a clear idea of ​​what is included in the price

Different types of attractions, such as bungee jumps and inflatables, require a certain degree of assembly. It is often the case that the greater the attraction, the more need there is for professional transport and installation. Make sure you have a clear view of the costs of your booking, so that you will not suddenly be faced with unpleasant and unexpected costs.

Check the insurance policies

Evenses only works with parties whose insurance and permits are all in order, but it never hurts to check this out yourself. It is especially important that any problems with the attraction are covered by the supplier's insurance and that you as the organizer do not run the risk of being held liable yourself. Also check whether the attraction is delivered with trained guidance or whether you have to take care of it yourself.

What Evenses can do for you

Are you going to organize a birthday, festival, or a different kind of party and would you like to book an attraction for that? Then you are at the right place! From trampolines and inflatables, to petting zoos and rides, with our help you will find the ideal attraction for your party in no time. In addition, you can also ensure that such a booking is supplemented with other entertainment, such as a DJ or a live singer.

Booking an attraction might seem complicated to someone who has never done it before, but it really isn't. However, it is often wise to receive help from a party that has experience in booking attractions in the UK. At Evenses, we have made hundreds of bookings for attractions at different types of events in recent years. We are happy to use that experience to help you find and book the attraction that is ideal for your event. That way you are not alone and you can also count on the expertise of our event specialists.

You can also explore the attractions we have featured yourself. With the help of the search engine on our website you can already view the options. You can also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking an attraction. You can reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that together we will find and book the perfect attraction for your event no matter what it takes.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.