Cartoonist Silu is an experienced and talented caricature artist that creates quick, cute, and amazing portaits for people at events! Silu graduated from "Ion Mincu" University studying Architecture and Urbanism and his background is in interior architecture and design. A few years ago, inspired by London's multiculturality, Silu started to do live caricature portraits and never looked back.

The portraits: Individual portraits on A4 size paper is the best choice for the clarity of details and speed, and a higher speed results in more people having a portrait done. The portraits, ready to be framed, are delivered to your guests for free protected in transparent folders. It's possible to draw multiple portraits, couples or a maximum of three portraits (occasionally) on the same sheet, as well, but compositions are more complex and can be slightly slower. For every 2 hours, a short, 10 min break may be needed. This is to be sure the quality of the portraits is high.

Quality of the line
Made with permanent markers (deep black), the artworks are defined by a clear, powerful line which generates a high black & white contrast. Unlike the drawings done in pencils or other media, are resistant (doesn't blend) and have a clean, professional look with no under layers. You can also brand the portraits with a logo of yoru company or the event that is taking place.

How many drawings should I expect?
The live caricature is a natural process and the maximum speed is acquired after the first few drawings. Depending on the complexity, the quickest drawings can take less than 3 minutes. The average is 10 drawings/hour. The number of drawings per hour is related to the size of the gaps between drawings and to the complexity of the models.

Tips for a successful live caricature event

  1. Decent lighting, indoors, in the drawing area. A place close to a window or a source of light is best. 2) Two chairs normal size (three if I have to draw couples). 3) A small table is helpful for the tools and to present some drawings for your guests to know what to expect. 4) Shaded area, outdoor. Sunlight can be very powerful and its reflection on paper makes the drawing process very challenging.

Motivation in the words of Silu
"I enjoy diversity. For this reason, drawing portraits is such a joyful experience! It makes me aware of beauty in the world and I choose to reveal it my way. Diversity is beautiful. Diversity is about how nature expresses its freedom. Be aware - these are not simple caricatures. These drawings contain emotions! Through my art, I try to reveal human beauty in a playful way. My drawings generate moments of joy and incorporate the emotion and energy of the moment. I'm, also, happy to support charities and fundraising events when I have the chance."

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