Hire a Fortune Teller

Looking to book a fortune teller for your party, corporate event, wedding, or festival? A fortune teller or palm reader provides a twist to your event. Guests can later predict their future in pairs, but also individually. The sessions of the clairvoyant can take short or long, with an average of 1 to 10 minutes per session. Under those time diameters you can then figure that the act will predict the future of approximately 6 people per hour.




Evenses offers various options, such as a paranomal Fortune Teller, a Tarot card act, and Palm Reader. Fortune tellers provide personal attention to your guests at your party, event, staff party or wedding. Guests will always remember the future that was told to them at your event, because the curioustity of if coming true is gripping. Having a little bit of edge at your event is something that separates it from being a replica of other people's. Booking a mysterious fortune teller to gather guests in a part of the venue is sure to grab everyone's attention.



By renting a fortune teller, you give yourself and your guests a valuable gift. A fortune teller can also be booked in combination with other acts at Evense. For example, think of something completely different, such as a Photo Mirror, Champagne Tower, or Massage. You can plan your event so that you get the most beneficial reactions towards the entertainment. Scroll down for more information about renting fortune tellers. You can also contact one of our employees free of obligation, as we are happy to help you find the suitable fortune teller.

See below our fortune tellers that we have available to hire






waarzegster tarot boeken feest diner
Tarot-card reader
The tarot-card reader predicts your future with her tarot-cards.
475,-price on requesta
handlezer boeken beurs
Palm reader Salina
Palm reader Salina predicts the future of your guests by reading their hands.
475,-price on requesta
waarzegster boeken feest
Soothsayer Naria
This soothsayer brings tarot-cards and mini-readings for a unique experience to every party
475,-price on requesta