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Jazzy Little Xmas
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Jazzy Little Xmas

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Are you looking for a small Christmas band that plays a jazzy Christmas repertoire?

£645 - £1420
DJ Jingle Bell
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DJ Jingle Bell

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This type act will fill the dance floor with festive holiday hits! Book before the holidays!

£350 - £875
Planning a Christmas theme at your party? Check the options.
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas is known for the cosy atmosphere in the month of December. If you want to socialise, you can turn to Evenses for that extra touch. For example, book a Christmas choir or Santa DJ for your parties! Your December celebration will be a sure fire hit if you decide to book Evenses' entertainment. The Christmas acts at Evenses often consist of jazzy Christmas repertoires, but you can be sure all the classics are on hand. Classics such as Santa Baby and White Christmas should not be missing at your Christmas dinner, party, or corporate event. You can even hire the jolly man himself to sit with the children at an event and have them tell their Christmas wishes.

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A piece of Christmas history
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Book Christmas acts for reception or party or your New Year's Eve celebrations

Is the whole family coming over for the Christmas dinner in a few months and you are still looking for a way to dress up the occasion? Or are you perhaps responsible for the Christmas drinks at the office next December and would like to do something different? Booking entertainment in the Christmas theme can be a fantastic mark on your event.

At Evenses, we have a lot of experience with organising Christmas parties and we are happy to help you with the planning. For example, you can book a choir to sing Christmas tunes, DJ Jingle Bell to spin all your favourite records, or even a jazz band that will keep all the smooth and classy Christmas classics going through the evening.

Whether it is a family celebration, a party for children, or a corporate event, booking a Christmas act can always be of added value. Wouldn't it be nice if you could surprise your son and his friends at school with a surprise visit from Saint Nicholas and his helpers? Booking a Christmas act is always more popular as the month of December gets closer, so it is wise to contact Evenses to help you out with your December plans in advance! Santa Claus and his helpers are very busy so we want to ensure he and our other acts arrange the time to visit.

That is, among other things, because we only work with recognized acts and entertainers. All Christmas acts in our offer are experienced professionals with whom we have worked together for years. For that reason, you can also read the reviews of people who have already booked or seen the acts live for each profile. That way you can immediately form an idea of ​​the act, and whether it fits well with the party or event that you have in mind.

Booking a Christmas act for your occasion is not necessarily difficult, but given the abundance of options in the UK, it is advisable to receive the help of a party with experience in the field of party planning. At Evenses, we have extensive experience regarding Christmas acts thanks to the many holiday themed events we have helped our customers with over the years. We are happy to make that experience available to you so that you can book the perfect Christmas themed entertainment.

If you want to start by taking a look at the available options yourself, then utilize the search engine on the website to filter your needs. In addition, you can also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a Christmas act. You can always reach them by filling in the request form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that together we will book the Christmas act that is ideal for your party or event.

A piece of history about Christmas

Christmas originated following the birth of Christ. Contrary to what many people think, the Christmas celebration as we know it, does not occur in the Bible. In fact, the first Christians who lived in the first three centuries after Christ, did not even celebrate Jesus' birth as Christmas. Easter, the remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus, has been celebrated the particular celebration that has indeed dated back to the early AD years.

Only in the third century AD did Christmas as we know it begin to take shape. Among historians, there is some disagreement as to whether the first celebration took place in 336 or 354 AD, but it is agreed that this happened in Rome on December 25. The explanations for this date vary from the assumption that the world was created on March 21, the sun on the fourth day, and that Christ came into being as the Sun of Justice nine months later, to the explanation that Christmas is the result of a Christianization of a Roman holiday on that date in honor of the sun god Saturn.

From the Middle Ages, Christmas in Europe became mixed with all kinds of pagan customs, including the display of the Bethlehem stable and the laying of a wooden figure of the baby Jesus in a manger. The Christmas tree was also introduced around the nineteenth centruy. This mixture caused tensions within certain societies and Christian movements, certainly during the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the sixteenth century.

Jesus in a manger.jpg

Throughout the decades, the Protestant church became a little more tolerant towards the Christmas celebration. By the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Christmas celebration had become common, with two days and a total of five church services. Eventually, proponents of the Christmas party prevailed, both within the church and in society, especially since maintaining the Christmas tradition was seen as a good practice. From the twentieth century, the party also began to gain an increasingly commercial image, with the mischievous Santa on the huge Coca Cola trucks as one of the most striking illustrations of it. Internationally, Christmas is mainly an opportunity to be with family and friends, to eat and drink, and to go on holiday, although it still has a mainly Christian celebration in various places.

What Evenses can do for you

If you are thinking about booking an act for Christmas or for the holidays in general, then we recommend that you contact a party with experience in this area. At Evenses, we have been working with a wide range of professional acts suited for Christmas events for years and will book them for a variety of occasions. In addition, we can also provide your events with musicians and such that can complement the other entertainment you desire!

FAQ about Christmas
Where does the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree started?

Germany started putting up Christmas trees in the 16th century. They brought trees, mostly evergreen, into their homes and decorated it mostly with fruits and nuts.

Who in real life inspired the legend of Santa Klaus for Christmas?

Santa Klaus was inspired by the real life monk, St. Nicolas, and was born in modern day Turkey in around 280 A.D. He was admired for his religious beliefs and kindness. St. Nicolas is said to have given away all his wealth and travelled to help the poor and sick. He became the most popular saint in Europe.

What is the all time best Christmas single?

White Christmas with the original version sang by Bing Crosby in 1942.

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