Book an acrobatics show for your event, party, wedding, or reception! Evenses offers various acrobatic acts that are sure to amaze your guests and keep them talking about it for weeks to come.
The tissue act is a spectacular show in which a routine is performed in mid-air whilst the acrobat clings on to the tissues. Another mid-air act is the Aerial Ring, performed with a hoop. These acts take incredible training, strength, and determination to make it as magnificant as it should be.

Book a spectacular acrobatic show for your business party, festival or birthday

Do you have a business party, wedding or festival whereby you want to offer something special to your guests? An acrobatic act is very suitable for this. You can use them for the opening ceremony of your event, but also as part of your program or as the final act of the evening.

Though the airborne acts have demands regarding the location, we can deliver for every occasion and will find you an appropriate acrobatic act. Evenses will make sure you get as much of your preferences fulfilled.

You can reach us 24/7 by telephone and e-mail to ask questions regarding the booking of acrobats, or to request an offer with no obligation.