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Ruby Tarot
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Ruby Tarot

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A spiritually gifted and positive Tarot Card Reader

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Tarot Card Reader
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Tarot Card Reader

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Tarot Card Readers can read into the future and speak on the past by reading their cards.

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Fortune Teller

Looking to book a fortune teller for your party, corporate event, wedding, or festival? A fortune teller or palm reader provides a twist to your event. Guests can later predict their future in pairs, but also individually. The sessions of the clairvoyant can take short or long, with an average of 1 to 10 minutes per session. Under those time diameters you can then figure that the act will predict the future of approximately 6 people per hour.

Evenses offers various options, such as a paranomal Fortune Teller, a Tarot card act, and Palm Reader. Fortune tellers provide personal attention to your guests at your party, event, staff party or wedding. Guests will always remember the future that was told to them at your event, because the curioustity of if coming true is gripping. Having a little bit of edge at your event is something that separates it from being a replica of other people's. Booking a mysterious fortune teller to gather guests in a part of the venue is sure to grab everyone's attention.

By renting a fortune teller, you give yourself and your guests a valuable gift. A fortune teller can also be booked in combination with other acts at Evense. For example, think of something completely different, such as a Photo Mirror, Champagne Tower, or Massage. You can plan your event to get the best possible reactions from your guests. Scroll down for more information about renting fortune tellers. You can also contact one of our employees, as we are happy to help you find the suitable fortune teller.

Book a fortune teller

Are you having a party or event soon and are still looking for some sort of entertainment? Are you part of the organizing committee for this year's company party and have you been asked to make something original out of it? Or is it your daughter's birthday in a few months and you are thinking about organizing an authentic theme party? You may not have thought of it yourself, but it might be worth considering booking a fortune teller.

You might not truly understand just what a fortune teller is, so we will start with a brief explanation of what a fortune teller could contribute to the event that you are going to organize. Simply put, a fortune teller is a person who has the gift to read the future of another person. This can be done in various ways, such as reading tarot cards, studying the lines on one's hands, or even by looking into the eyes and soul of another person. We will elaborate more on the different forms of fortune telling, but booking a fortune teller comes down to finding a professional person that has good reviews and will make your guests believe what is being told to them.

Since there are many different forms of fortune telling, the role of the fortune teller at your party can also be filled in different ways. For example, a Tarot card-reader will normally need some space for a table and a chair, while a palm reader does not actually need any props and can move more amongst people during the festivities. Not every type of fortune teller will fit the occasion because of this, so it is important that you delve into what sort of fortune tellers are available and how these can add value to the event that you are organizing.

It doesn't have to be difficult to book the perfect fortune teller for your event. However, given the varied selection of fortune tellers in the U.K, it is generally a good idea to acquire the help of a company with experience in the field of entertainment booking. As we wrote before, not every fortune teller will match the party or event that you are organizing. Evenses has an extensive portfolio of professional fortune tellers for whom we have already booked countless of times. We are happy to use that expertise to help you, so that you can book the perfect fortune teller for your event and be satisfied.

You can reach event specialists seven days a week by filling in the quotation form on our website, by sending us an e-mail, or by calling us. You can first take a look yourself by utiliizing the search engine on the website to find the options for fortune tellers. It's good to have a solid understanding of what a fortune teller does before booking one for your event. Below we will take a look at the history of fortune telling through the ages and list some of the more common forms of fortune telling.

A piece of history about the art of fortune telling

For centuries the art of fortune telling has been a subject surrounded by mysticism and controversy. Is our destiny predetermined by fate? Are there really people out there with a gift to read the future? Are there supernatural powers in our world? Since the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and Ancient Babylon, more than 4,000 years before our era, millions of people have been asking these questions.

One of the oldest examples of fortune telling is the famous Oracle of Delphi from Greek antiquity. This Oracle was on Mount Parnassos and every year thousands of people from all over the Greek Empire came to the city of Delphi to hear their future. The Oracle was in contact with the god Apollo through the Pythia, a special priestess who lived on the Parnassos. Since Apollo was supposed to be able to see everything, including what escaped the human eye, the Ancient Greeks did a lot to hear his advice.

Fortune telling and other supernatural arts that played an important role in various ancient civilizations and religions were given a very different image in the Middle Ages. The predominantly Christian Europe regarded fortune tellers as a way to contact spirits. Fortune-tellers faced persecution in this period of European history. It was not until the end of the Middle Ages, around the sixteenth century, that fortune-telling began to gain some respect, especially in the form of astrology. Several famous scientists from that period, including the German Johannes Kepler and the Englishman Isaac Newton, did research into astrology.

From the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, fortune telling began to be seen less and less as a science and more and more as entertainment. There were of course still fortune tellers who approached their art in a scientific way, but fortune tellers also started to show up more and more at fairs in Europe. With the rise of television around the middle of the last century, the fortune teller also found a way to the general public. In different countries, programs with fortune tellers, or psychics, draw millions of viewers hoping to hear their future over the phone. The same happened a few decades later with the growth of the internet, where nowadays you can still get your future predicted online on many websites.

Different methods of****fortune telling

When we talk about a fortune teller at the fair, you probably soon think of someone with a glass ball or perhaps with a set of cards. Those are indeed two of the forms of divination that are popular in Europe, but there are many more. From reading Tarot cards, analyzing the stars, looking into fire, and reading palms, there are countless of methods that have been developed over the centuries. To help you on your way, we have listed some of the more common forms of fortune telling below.


Esoteric is another word for the well-known tarot. Tarot is a set of 78 cards with different images on it that all have different meanings, separately and in relation to each other. Reading tarot cards is mainly used as part of meditation, to analyze personalities, and to read the future.


Chiromancy is the less used name for palmistry. This is a form of divination where the lines and other characteristics of a person's hand are used as a basis to deduce the character traits and the future of that person. At Evenses you can book a palm reader to share her knowledge of palmistry with your guests.


You probably are not familiar with tasseography and what exactly is done. In this very old form of fortune telling, a person drinks a cup of Turkish coffee and tea, after which a fortune teller reads the coffee or tea leaves left behind to predict the future of that person. Nowadays it is mainly seen as a form of entertainment and an interesting way to read into someone's future.

Glass ball

One of the most famous methods of divination is looking in the glass or crystal ball. The purpose is to get certain visions by staring into a ball of crystal or glass. This is a common form of fortune telling at fairs and in films, among other things.

What Evenses can do for you

As a specialist in the field of entertainment, we have a wide portfolio of fortune tellers that are suitable for all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays, theme parties, festivals, and business events. Whether you're give a party for family in the garden and want to add a touch of mysticism, or are organizing a company drink where you want to offer some original entertainment, Evenses is here to help find the best choice of entertainment.

By booking a fortune teller, you can make your party completely unique. After all, how many of your guests have had the chance to have their future read for free by an experienced fortune teller?

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.