Would you like to hire a DJ and musician? Check out our options to book a top DJ with a saxophonist, violinist, drummer, or more! Evenses has a wide range of DJs that you can hire for all kinds of parties or special events.
A DJ with a live musician combines two music worlds perfectly together. Currently, our most popular combination is the DJ with a saxophonist. Great DJs are already using this wonderful combination, with the classical instrument combining with the contemporary DJ.

Another popular combination is the DJ with a live singer. The live singer gives just that little bit extra, providing quality vocals at your wedding as the DJ plays the track. A live percussionist with a DJ is a unique way to keep the beat of the music up all night long.

The costs associated with the DJ and saxophonist are all-inclusive - as we do not want you to be faced with any surprises. All our artists bring their own equipment, so you do not have to worry about the sound, lighting, or anything else.

If a musician plays along with the DJ, the musician plugs his equipment into the DJ’s equipment. The musicians play short sessions with the DJ. If you have some equipment on location, you can specify this in advance and it will be considered.

You can reach us seven days a week by e-mail or telephone for additional information or questions. One of our helpful employees at Evenses will contact you to find the most suitable option of entertainment for your event.

Hire a DJ with a musician for your wedding, business party or festival