Hire a Singing Group for your event, party, wedding, or corporate fair! At Evenses we offer you only the best polyphonic vocals with our singing groups. We have several trios and small jazz groups, but also well-known bands and singing groups.
Singing formations are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere at your event. The line-up of our singing groups is faultless, as is their execution of performing many genres, from pop to rock and from classical to soul.

Book a singing group for your function, business party or wedding

Our vocal groups can perform acapella songs from well-known artists, and they can also perform world music or sing Christmas songs. What makes a singing group unique is its collection of several singers who will sing acapella during your birthday party, Christmas party, business party, or event.

If you still want to party after the vocal group’s performance, our DJs are a fun addition to the festivities. We love to help you out with suitable advice, so we are available seven days a week to answer all your questions.