BookDJ and Singer for your wedding, birthday party or event! We offer you a truly original act by combining a DJ with a live singer who is used to performing with a DJ and can sing along with different songs. You can determine if the genre will be pop, dance, disco, lounge, or even house.
Do you still prefer something else? If so, there's nothing to worry about! There will be plenty of opportunities to pass on your own wishes to the DJ and singer. The DJ with a live singer is fantastic to book for your wedding or birthday because it will feel more unique and special for your special moments.

With the combination of DJ and vocals, you’re guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. A great atmosphere is created as soon as the singer begins to perform. This combination gives a stunning performance time and time again.

Hire a DJ and singer for your business party, event, or festival!

Do you have questions about all the possibilities and want to know which style would suit your event the best? We’d love to help you out in order to give appropriate advice and answer your questions. Our employees are ready seven days a week to help make your event a success!