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Circus Acts
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Circus Acts

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Anything from jugglers, stilt walkers, clowns, fire acts, and unicyclists!

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Bumbulumph The Phool
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Bumbulumph The Phool

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The hilarious Bumbulumph The Phool ready to elevate your event to the next level!

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Stilt Walkers

Will you help organise the Christmas market in the village this year and you'd like to do something original for the visitors? Does your daughter love the circus and you want to organise something for her upcoming birthday? Or are you part of the team that will go to a trade show for your office and you are looking for a unique way to attract visitors to your stand? It may sound strange, but perhaps a professional stilt walker is the ideal option for you.

Stilt walking acts can be booked in different forms and based on different themes, including Christmas, Summertime, Fairy Tales, Clowns, and Oriental. This makes the acts suitable for many different types of events or occasions. When booking a stilt walker, music is often included as well. This means you are provided with all the entertainment surrounding this act in one go. Set runners are very suitable for openings, (Christmas) markets, festivals, corporate parties, and promotional activities.

Whatever the party or event that you are planning, it is very possible that your guests have never seen a stilt walker up close. Booking a stilt walker is therefore not only an entertaining idea, but also an original one. You can be sure that they will not go unnoticed at the party and there is a good chance that you will remember the presence of the stilt walker for a while.

It does not have to be difficult to book the perfect stilt walker for your party or event, but given the varied options in the UK, it is generally a good idea to receive help from a company with experience in the field of booking such acts. Not every stilt walker will fit the party or event that you are going to organise. Evenses has an extensive portfolio of professional walkers for whom we have already taken care of for countless bookings. We are happy to use that expertise and experience to help you, so that you can book the perfect stilt walker for your event.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week by filling in the quotation form on our website, by sending us an e-mail, or by calling us. If you first want to take a look at what we can offer, then you may utilise the search engine. In combination with other materials that you can find on the internet, you can form a first impression of the available walkers.

A brief history of the stilts

Stilt walking is an activity that stems from folklore where people imitate giants by walking on stilts, sometimes up to four meters high. Stilt walking was originally a way to wade flooded land, such as in the old Les Landes in southern France or the Chinese Newchwang. Later the stilt walkers have become a form of acrobatics and entertainment with the walkers dressed as characters or pretending to be an extra tall person.

Certainly in various parts the UK, walkers have been part of festivals and other festive occasions for hundreds of years. Because of this, the art of stilt walking is sometimes seen as an old-fashioned form of entertainment. For example, in Belgium, there has been a tradition of fighting on stilts since 1411. People show their strength, skill, and agility while fighting on stilts. They are divided into two groups: one group under the name "mélans", or the inhabitants of the old city, the other under the name "avresses", or the inhabitants of the "new" city. Nowadays this is still a popular event for which various organizations are preparing all year long.

Nowadays, in addition to entertainment, stilts are sometimes used for work that requires action in great heights. Painters, plasterers, fitters, and people working in horticulture all are workers that might use a sort of stilts for thier labour. However, the stilts used for this are no longer made of wood, but of aluminum. Such work stems are directly descended from the stilts that were used hundreds of years ago by people around the world, from France to China and from the Netherlands to Nigeria.

Why would you book a stilt walker for your event?

Chances are that you had not thought of booking a stilt walker for the event that you are planning. This can be a unique opportunity then, because it means that a stilt walker as an act is not a very obvious choice, which means that it will not be for your guests either. A professional stilt walker can turn the occasion into a very memorable moment, so we have list a few advantages of booking a stilt walker below.

It is a unique act

There are few acts that add something so unique to the entertainment at your party as a professional stilt walker. Despite the fact that stilt walking is an age-old art, you still see relatively few walkers at parties and events. By booking a stilt walker, you can offer your guests a kind of entertainment that they have probably never experienced before.

Pedestrian runners offer high visibility, literally and figuratively

If you are looking for a way to make something clear to as many people as possible at the same time, stilt walkers are the ideal solution. Think, for example, of a trade show where you want to attract the attention of the visitors so that they come to your stand. A professional and well-dressed stilt walker offers an excellent opportunity to stand out from the competition in an original way.

There is also a great variation among walkers

It is one thing to decide to book a stilt walker, but after that there is still a lot of choices when it comes to costumes and acts. For children's parties, for example, a clown or a pirate captain is great fun, while for a theme party an Elvis costume or a Santa Claus could be ideal. In other words, no matter what party or event you organise, you can be sure that you can book the stilt walker that fits exactly.

By booking a stilt walker, you get an artist with multiple talents

It rarely happens that a stilt walker can only walk and do nothing else. In general, a professional stiltman combines stilt walking with several other entertaining arts, such as juggling, singing, or playing characters. To ensure even more variation at your party, you can find out exactly all the stilt walker does during their performance. Such a combination of stilts and other entertainment provides variety and fun distraction on almost any occasion.

A photo with a stilt walker in a costume is a nice memory

Speaking about combining stilt walking and other acts: it can also be more than worthwhile to book a stilt walker in combination with a professional photographer. Ultimately, you want your guests to remember your party for a long time to come and what is a nicer memory than a photo with a real stilt walker? This way you can ensure that people will talk about your party for a long time to come.

What Evenses can do for you

Booking a stilt walker does not have to be difficult, certainly not if you already know more or less what kind of party or event you are going to organise. Having a general idea of what you are looking for is the main key to requesting a specific kind of act.

Hiring a stilt walker for your theme party, festival or anniversary? The stilt walkers will amaze you with the beautiful costumes they wear and you and your guests will receive a warm welcome at the organised event. The artists adapt to different themes, such as Christmas, Summertime, Fairy tales and Circus. Evenses can book various other acts and shows alongside a stilt walker. You can think of an acrobatic show, fire show, clowns or magicians.

Hire a stilt walker for your event, party or theme party

Are you looking for the possibilities of hiring a stilt walker? Then contact one of our employees and we will be happy to help you. You can reach us 24/7 by telephone or by e-mail.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.