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Hire a bar  for your event, party, wedding, birthday or reception. A tasteful drink is an essential part of your wedding, congress or jubilee. Evensesoffers a selection of mobile cocktail bars, coffee bars, smoothie bars, and even an oxygen bar! Stylish bars are available in all shapes at sizes, at your location, with attentive catering personnel for every occasion. Read more

Our top recommendations

Champagne towerChampagne towerChampagne tower

Champagne tower

3 Reviews

An impressive champagne tower at your location. Eye catching and glamorous for any event

Champagne GirlChampagne GirlChampagne GirlChampagne Girl

Champagne Girl

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Party

Beautifully dressed hostesses, who welcome your guests with a glass of champagne!

Smoothie BarSmoothie BarSmoothie BarSmoothie BarSmoothie BarSmoothie Bar

Smoothie Bar

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Party

The smoothie bar provides the tastiest smoothies at your event or party!

Coffee BarCoffee BarCoffee BarCoffee Bar

Coffee Bar

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Party, Corporate Events
Category:Coffee Bar

Complete coffee and tea catering on location at any occasion.

See below all our options for renting a bar at your location



On-location catering can be offered with various drinks: Coffee, cappuccino, smoothie, cocktail and even oxygen. Entertainment bureau Evenses offers, besides hiring bars, workshops and even a champagne tower as well.


You can hire a tailor-made bar for your location. It is possible to personalize the bar by adding your logo to the bar, cocktail card and company clothing for our cocktail shakers, baristas, and bartenders. Another possibility is to equip the bar with LED lights. You can also decorate the bar in your own style. 



This is the complete standard ‘rent a bar' package:


Four hours of drinks;

Menu cards (optional);



Experienced bar staff with appropriate clothing;

(De-) installation;


Transport costs.



A mobile bar for your party, wedding or event



You can now hire a coffee or smoothie bar at Evenses. These bars are a fun addition to any birthday, wedding or event. You really can go all the way with these drinks. At the coffee bar, you can try all kinds of coffee, but also latte art. Our baristas make beautiful forms in your coffee with milk, such as hearts and leaves.


At the smoothie bar, you get fresh and delicious smoothies. It is also possible to hire "flair tenders." Flair tenders are magicians behind the bar who, amongst other things, can juggle with bottles! We offer tailor-made solutions for the coffee bar and smoothie bar. We offer a bar that can be personalized to your own wishes, appropriate for both large and small parties.



Feel free to contact us, we will calculate a specific price for your party. We are happy to be of service!

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