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Waffle Hut
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Waffle Hut

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A vintage & iconic Waffle Hut available for all events!

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Smoothie Bar
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Smoothie Bar

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The smoothie bar provides the tastiest smoothies at your event or party!

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Food Stall

Food stall

Looking to rent a food stall? Is your birthday coming up soon and you want to do something special for the people you are going to invite? Are you planning an office party this summer with some colleagues and you don't have catering yet? Or are you having the annual fair and need extra food vendors on your grounds. In any of these cases, booking a food stall might be worth considering.

A food stall, sometimes referred to as a kiosk, stand, or vendor, is generally a temporary structure used to prepare food with the aim of selling it to the general public. You often find food stalls at places where there are many people, such as at fairs, parks, and during parades. Also in the vicinity of large stadiums during sporting events and concerts there is a good chance that you will encounter several food stalls.


In the UK, the food stall has been a well-established phenomenon for decades. Consider, for example, a fish and chips vendor at the local weekly market or a mini donut stand at a Christmas fair. Also you will come across many different types of food stalls at festivals and concerts such as churro, hot dogs, beer, and even vegetarian concepts. This growing popularity has led to a lot of variation over the years, so now you also have a lot of choices for your own party or event.

When you look for the food stalls that you could possibly book for your event, you will soon discover that there are so many choices. It goes without saying that not every booth will fit the party that you are going to organize, so it is important that you choose a food stall that complements your idea best. For example, booking a beer vendor at children's birthday party might not be the wisest decision for a food stall.

Booking a single booth for your party or event does not have to be difficult, but given the varied options in the UK, it is advisable to call get help from a company with experience in booking food stalls. At Evenses, we have an extensive range of food stalls that we have already booked for countless parties and events. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available to you so that you can book the perfect food stand for the event that you are going to organize.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to go explore yourself, then you can already take a look at all available options using the search engine on our website. We will also discuss the differences between food stalls and food trucks below, which can also be booked through us.

Food Stalls vs Food Trucks

We assume that you can form a good idea of ​​what a food stand is and there is a good chance that you have also heard of a food truck. If not, you can also view our selection of food trucks on our website. Now you might ask yourself what the difference is between a food stall and a food truck, since both represent temporary installations for the preparation and sale of food. That is true, but there are certainly some differences between these two forms of catering, so the list below might be useful to you as an organizer when arranging catering for your party or event.


An extensive range

This is of course relative, since both food trucks and food stalls can vary enormously in size, but in general a food stall offers more space than a food truck. Logically, more space offers the chance of installing more equipment and storing more products, which leads to a more extensive offer for your guests. Some food stalls even come with a permit for restoration, which would mean that by booking a food stall can simply result in a small resturant at your own event!

Both in and outside

This is also a relative point, since you can also place a food truck somewhere inside if you really want to, but in general we see food trucks mainly on outdoor occasions. Food stalls, on the other hand, are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors, depending on the products they serve. Have you ever been to a festival where in the halls there were stalls selling drinks, hamburgers, and other things like that? That was most likely a food stall that was set up only for the days of that event.

A more familiar image

A food truck is, certainly in recent years, very cool, but that image must match the occasion and the people who have been invited. At a festival for young people an original truck can be a hit, just like at a company party with much younger colleagues, but for an older audience a food truck does not have to be a great success. Of course the perception of catering at a party depends on many factors and a food truck may just as well be a huge hit, but a food stall gives some people a more confident feeling than ordering food from a vehicle .

The added value of a food stall at your party or event

You can book a food stand as a supplement to other forms of catering or you can even choose multiple food stalls for all of the catering. This choice largely depends on your own preferences and the type of event that you are going to organize, but whatever you choose, you can assume that the stall in question will be of added value. To illustrate this, we list below the advantages of a food stall at your party.

By booking a food stall, you can add something extra

One of the nicest things about booking a food stall is that you can easily book a stand that serves as a supplement to catering. Consider a wedding which, after a delicious five-course dinner, coffee is served all night long from a stall that specializes in freshly roasted coffee. Thanks to the extensive variation that exists in the area of ​​food stalls, you can work creatively to provide food and drinks at your event.

You can personalize a food stall

When booking a food stall, it is often also possible to adjust both the outside of the stall and the contents of the menu to the wishes of the customer. Are you organizing a cowboy party for your son and would you like to serve American-style hot dogs? Book the food stall with the menu that suits your event most and have the exterior equipped with images of Indians, cacti, and other symbols from the Wild West. Would you like to book a food stand that makes pastries at the office party? Maybe you can get a special pastry with the name of your company on the menu for the occasion.

Leave it to professionals

Whether you go for a complete catering package with food stalls or simply as a supplement to the rest of the event, you can at least assume that the job is in professional hands. For that reason, we only work with accredited food stalls that we know will work perfectly at your party and give you the best tasting food possible. Having this responsibility lifted off your shoulders is a very beneficial reason to book a food stall through Evenses.


What Evenses can do for you

As you might realize, booking a food stall doesn't have to be difficult, but it is useful to at least have a good idea of what kind of food would suit the event you are about to organize. You will have to deal with a huge variation in the area of ​​food stalls. At Evenses, we work with an extensive range of food stalls that are suitable for installation at all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays and weddings to festivals and business events.

When booking a food stall, it is advisable to do so with an experienced party when it comes to booking such forms of catering. We have been active in the world of event planning for years and have booked countless of different food stalls. With the help of the search engine on our website, you can explore what we can offer or you can also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a food stall. You reach us by filling in the request form on the website, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that we will make your event perfect......

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