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Harpist Oona
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Harpist Oona

6 Reviews

Beautiful harp music for your party, reception, opening ceremony, wedding, or dinner.

£350 - £875
Harpist Lianna
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Harpist Lianna

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Be taken away by a performance of divine sounds. Lianna plays beautiful harp music.

£350 - £875
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Would you like to book a harpist  for your wedding party, dinner or business event? Are you going to organize a party or an event and you want to do something original, but you are not yet sure what? Why don't you choose to book a harpist for your occasion? Whether you are planning a romantic celebration for your wedding day or want to say goodbye to a loved one who has died in a beautiful and intimate way, the harp can help you create the subtle atmosphere you are looking for.

The harp is an instrument that can be of added value for a wide range of events, despite the fact that booking a harpist is often not the first idea that comes to mind as an organizer. For example, a performance by a professional harpist can also add a touch of sophistication to, for example, a dinner with friends and family. In addition, the harp can also be part of a larger harmonious whole with, for example, a piano and a violin. In other words, the harp is a more versatile instrument than you think and booking a harpist can be an excellent idea for almost any occasion.

Just as with many other instruments, the harp also has various versions and playing techniques. Although most professional harpists are familiar with multiple techniques and in most cases even with different types of harps, it is true that one harpist can fit better with an event than another. When booking a harpist, the artist will be able to tell you a lot more about this, but it is also advisable to call in the help of a more experienced party during the booking process.


At Evenses, for example, we have booked numerous professional harpists in the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium. We have been active for years in the world of entertainment booking and we are happy to make this expertise available to our customers so that they can book the perfect harpist for their events. We have built up an extensive network of professional harpists over the years with whom we have worked together with many times. Our event specialists are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to explore the catalogue of artists yourself, you can start by utilising the search engine on our website. In addition, below we will also delve deeper into the history of the harp and give some reasons why booking a harpist can be a great idea for your party or event.

Why book a harpist?

We fully understand if you hadn't thought of the possibility of booking a harpist yet, but that doesn't mean that the harp cannot be the ideal accompaniment to your party or event. For that reason, we will provide a brief overview of what a harpist can mean for your event and what to look for when booking a harpist.

Not just musically

Of course, you mainly want to book a harpist because of the music to accompany the party or event you are organizing. A live harpist can also add a very beautiful visual element to the occasion as well. Certainly a larger concert harp with beautiful illumination is not something that is easy to miss.

Both in and outside

A harp can of course be played at almost any event that takes place indoors. In addition, it is important to take into account the space for the harpist needs and the surface on which the harp must be able to stand. However, it is also possible to book a harpist for an outdoor event. This can be a wonderful combination and many harpists will like to perform outside in nice weather. In such cases, too, it is of great importance that the surface is even and that it allows weather to be able to play a relatively complex string instrument such as the harp properly.

Modern day music on the harp

When it comes to the harp, you might first think of elegant classical music played at fancy events. However, you can also book a harpist that plays covers of your favorite rock or Top-40 hits. Most harpists can be found for this, although it is advisable to discuss this with the artists in question. By tuning the repertoire of the harpist to your event and preferences, you can give it a **nice personal touch.

Au natural vs. strengthens

Nowadays, most harps can also be connected to amplifiers to make the sounds clearly audible to everyone at the event. Whether this is necessary for the harpist that you want to book depends a large part on the location where the party is held and the number of people that will be present. It is wise to discuss this subject with the harpist during the booking process, as he or she will normally also have suggestions in this area.

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What can Evenses mean for your event

Booking a harpist does not have to be difficult at all, certainly not if you already know what kind of event you are going to organize and what role the harpist will play. It is certainly useful to have a reasonably clear idea of ​​that, at least for yourself, before you start searching for a harpist to book. Not every harpist will fit well with the kind of party you have in mind, so paying attention to a clear idea is key.

A harpist can be booked in combination with other musical instruments, such as a piano, saxophone, guitarist, or violin, which forms a harmonious whole. In addition, different world music can be played with the harp. Playing the harp can be combined with a sound system, so that the sound of the harp can be perfectly listened to by both you and your guests. The harpist will provide very pleasant music at your event or reception thanks to the sound quality and professionalism.

In addition to the traditional harp, there are several types, such as the small harp, Celtic harp, Irish harp, pedal harp, Aoyama harp, Otja harp, troubadour harp, Camac harp and finally the Salvi harp. These range of harps are often used by different artists and can be specifically selected if you want something even more original.

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View the range of harpists, music groups, or other acts that you can book at Evenses. Our event specialists at Evenses are happy to help you answer all your questions as we are available 7 days a week. In addition, you can request a quote without obligation bys submitting the request form on the website or giving us an email or phone call.

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