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Simon Gars
100% match

Simon Gars

7 Reviews

Exclusive show with a DJ & a live saxophonist!

£450 - £1125
Elijah Sax & DJ
100% match

Elijah Sax & DJ

7 Reviews

Solo or with a DJ, this Saxophonist will blow you away!

£300 - £750
Saxophonist James
100% match

Saxophonist James

7 Reviews

Freestyle saxophonist James can create the perfect atmosphere for your special day!

£350 - £875
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DJ and saxophonist

Do you want to hire a DJ and saxophone player?   Hiring a DJ with a musician for your party, wedding, or birthday is the ideal opportunity to add extra colour to your event. We have British DJs in various configurations and styles. Evenses works exclusively with professional and experienced DJs and musicians. DJs and saxophonists are the ultimate combination for a rousing evening for your important event.

Our DJs and saxophonists are highly professional and carefully selected. At Evenses, we know all of our musicians - this way we can truly guarantee quality during your event. If you want to book a DJ of all styles, you can hire a party DJ.

Besides being accompanied by a saxophone, our DJs' sets can be accompanied by other musical instruments such as the violin, drums, trumpet and acoustic or electric guitar. Our DJs and saxophonists can also perform in different genres.

Our DJs like to adapt themselves to your wishes, which of course are most important! Old-school, vinyl, or modern, everything is possible with our DJs' packages. Feel free to let us know certain songs or genres that you would like to be performed at your event. We have a wide range of wedding saxophonists throughout the UK. Saxophone music is highly recommended at your wedding reception or wedding ceremony. Our jazz saxophone players -our favourite sax UK players- will do the best performance at your corporate party or birthday celebration.

Hire a DJ and saxophone player for your wedding, party, or event!

The costs associated with the DJ and saxophonist are all-inclusive; we do not want you to be faced with any surprises. The more details you give us about your event, the better it can be put together without any extra charges. Letting us know your budget can also save time in finding the most suitable DJ and Saxophonist for you.

You can always contact Evenses to assist you with choosing the best entertainment for your party. Reserve the best DJ with a saxophonist as an instrumental accompaniment for your corporate event, wedding, drinks reception, or Gala in order to get the true going-out feeling. Take a look below for a selection of our artists and find your preferred saxophonist and DJ now!

Blog about DJ & saxophonist

Are you responsible for organising the office party and would you like to have something original? Are you going to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with your partner and want to make it a memorable party for everyone? Or are you throwing a party for friends next month with the theme "Ibiza" and are you looking for ways to imitate that hedonistic party feeling of la Isla Blanca? You must have thought of a DJ, but why not go a step further and book a DJ with saxophonist? Chances are that most of your guests have never seen a DJ and saxophonist perform up close, so a well-matched duo can provide your party with that touch of originality. In other words, entertainment is a guarantee for you and your guests!

By booking a DJ with saxophonist your party or event can go in several different directions. Both a DJ and a saxophonist are two relatively versatile musical elements, and by combining them you can provide a unique sound for almost every occasion. From Ibiza parties to weddings and festivals, the combination of a DJ with a saxophonist can very well be the perfect addition to the party or event that you are going to organise. A live set from a DJ with the accompaniment of the saxophone can add that extra "wow" factor.

It is quite possible that you have heard about DJs and saxophonist duos, since it is a combination that has become very popular in recent years. Large discos and festivals all over the world combine spectacular instruments to give their guests a wonderful show. This trend has led to a wide selection of DJs with saxophonists in the U.K for your own party or event.

If you have already explored something on the internet, then you surely have been able to establish that DJ and saxophonist duos generally play house and other electronic music. However, that is far from the only music style that a DJ with a saxophonist can play. Of course, dance classics are ideally suited for a live performance by a saxophonist, but there are also classics from the rock, pop, and r&b genres that can be blasted. In other words, you can be sure that this performance will be one to remember for you and all your guests.

At Evenses, we are happy to help you explore our range of DJs and saxophonists that can be booked for all kinds of parties and events. It does not have to be difficult to book a DJ with a saxophonist, but it can always help to get involved with a party with experience in these bookings. Does a DJ with saxophonist seem like a top idea to you, but you're unsure whether such an act could perform your favourite pop songs? Do you want to book a DJ with a saxophonist, but you have doubts about what equipment is needed? Do you want to plan a big event and let the DJ be accompanied by several saxophonists? Whatever your questions and wishes are, Evenses will help you find the best solution.

That is why our bookers and entertainment specialists are available seven days a week, both via the online chat on our website and by e-mail and telephone. If you first want to explore our selection yourself, you can take a look using the search engine on our website. In case you still have doubts about booking a DJ with saxophonist, we will also briefly discuss below how such a duo act can be of added value to a party or event that you are going to organise.

Why should you book a DJ with saxophonist for your party?

If you are going to organise a party or event and you are still looking for something with a unique finishing touch, booking a DJ with a saxophonist may be the perfect solution. A DJ is already an excellent choice due to their flexibility to perform any type of music. When you add a saxophonist to the mix it then becomes a memorable whole that can blow a crowd away. It may not have been the first thing you thought of when you started organising your event, but it is definitely an option that is worth considering.

A live performance to remember

We can imagine that most of your guests have been to a party or event where a DJ played, but what about a live DJ set with a professional saxophonist jumping in? That surely has been experienced less by your guests up close. For that reason alone, booking a DJ with a saxophonist makes sure that you give people something that they will remember forever.

It's a show

However, that is not the only reason why your guests will remember your party or event for a long time. A DJ alone provides your party with a staple visual element, so imagine what it would look like when the DJ and the saxophonist perform together. A well-matched duo is wonderful entertainment for the people at the party, especially when sax classics such as Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty or Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones are used.

A unique custom live act

You might not realise it at first sight, but a duo of a DJ and a saxophonist can handle a lot of music styles and types of events. From House and EDM to chilled-out jazz and classical rock & roll, you can give it an original twist with a DJ and saxophonist. In addition, most DJs and saxophonist duos are generally open to requests. You can discuss this with the artists beforehand and often guests are allowed to give their requests directly to the artists at the event.

An ideal way to bring and boost an atmosphere

If you have never booked a DJ and saxophonist, it is useful to know that the saxophonist will not play the whole time. It is often the case that the DJ provides a live set and that the saxophonist comes out during certain moments during the set. This ensures various high-energy moments at your party and delivers a nice change. For example, a DJ & Sax duo can have the DJ introduce very famous songs at different times and the saxophonist will come in to bring the song to life. Having the saxophonist come in during certain moments throughout the DJ's set is necessary so that the saxophonist doesn't exert too much energy playing the entire night. In doing this, the saxophonist will deliver a terrific energetic performance each time.

What Evenses can do for you

It really doesn't have to be complicated to book a DJ and saxophonist for a party or event. It is, however, a good idea to create an idea of the party you are going to organise and what kind of music you have in mind for that. As you can see on our website, there is some variation in terms of DJs and Sax duos. At Evenses, we work together with various acts, that can incorporate a DJ and instrumentalist in different ways. In doing this, we can offer acts for occasions such as weddings, themed parties, festivals, and business parties.

At Evenses, we can put you in touch with an energetic combination of DJ and saxophonists. If you are looking for an even more exuberant alternative, you can also go for a duo that specialises in Ibiza music to get a party set-up with a unique touch. The Saxy Dance Beats group consists of a DJ and saxophonist, supplemented by a sultry dancer. In short, our range of DJs and saxophonists is very varied, so take a look at our website to further explore the range.

We do recommend that you book a DJ with a saxophonist at least with an experienced party planner when it comes to booking artists. Evenses is such a planner. We have been active in the world of live acts and party planning for years, and have booked countless acts over the years. With the help of the search engine on our website, you can go to research, while you can also contact our bookers and entertainment specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a DJ with a saxophonist.

You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that, in collaboration with you, we will book the DJ and saxophonist that perfectly match the party or event that you are going to organise.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.