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The Golden Girls
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The Golden Girls

Adding a 1920's twist to their set list, this sophisticated trio is unique and unforgettable

£1100 - £1980
Dixieland orchestra
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Dixieland orchestra

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This special orchestra provides walking a swinging and tasteful performance

£695 - £1530
Do you want to book Dixieland orchestras? Check out what Evenses has to offer.
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Dixieland band

Do you want to hire a Dixieland orchestra for your party, birthday or wedding? A Dixieland orchestra brings a swinging atmosphere, entertains even the most reluctant of guests, and is appropriate for any and every occasion. They play pop music, top 40 music, jazz music and other famous singalongs. In addition, all kinds of different combinations of musicians is possible - consider a fun Dixieland trio, band or full orchestra.

Our Dixieland orchestras are very flexible and will take your bespoke wishes and preferences into account. Are you seeking a walking Dixieland orchestra, who will entertain your guests as they march around the space? Not a problem! Our Dixieland orchestras are mobile but can, of course, also perform on stage. With their combination of vocals and instruments such as banjos, tubas and brass, our Dixieland musicians know how to make your party fantastic.

Hire a Dixieland orchestra for your town festivities, festival or event

You can book our Dixieland orchestra for any and every occasion, such a city parade, a festival at your local market, or even at your own house party. What’s great about our Dixieland orchestras is that they can respond to many themes. During Christmas time, they can bring outfits to match the theme and occasion.

Are you curious about the kind of music that our Dixieland orchestras play? Have a listen to the Dixieland music demos! We’d love to help you make your event a success, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. We are available seven days a week and we’re always happy to help.

Blog about booking a Dixieland orchestra

The party is almost ready, the catering is completely arranged, and the invitations are ready to go out, yet you still have the feeling that something is missing. People who have already organized an event will probably be familiar with this question.You surely want the atmosphere of the party to be a little exuberant and for the guests to enjoy themselves. In such cases, booking a Dixieland band can be the ideal decision to give your party a finishing touch.

A classical Dixieland band is an ensemble that plays Dixieland jazz, a style of jazz whose roots lie in New Orleans of the twentieth century. The composition of a Dixieland orchestra can vary, especially in regard to live acts. From a jazz trio, to a small band or a full orchestra, you can book a Dixieland band in the U.K for all kinds of events. At Evenses, you can even choose to book a Dixieland orchestra that walks amongst your guests during your party.

Does this all sound amazing to you, but you are unsure of how to find and book a Dixieland band? To start, you can take a look at the acts on our website, where every group also has a profile. We also recommend looking up some videos and other material from the Dixieland bands that you think might be good options. In addition, you can always contact us for more information about booking Dixieland orchestras and for further assistance with booking. We are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on the website and by telephone or e-mail.

What is Dixieland jazz?

Dixieland jazz is a type of jazz that was first played by jazz musicians in old New Orleans. The name "Dixieland" is a reference to the "Old South" in colonial America, specifically to the region just south of the Mason-Dixon line, the border line between the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Dixieland jazz is one of the earliest styles of jazz music. Although the instruments and the size of the band can vary, a Dixieland orchestra generally consists of a "front line" of trumpet, trombone, and clarinet, with a "rhythm section" consisting of at least two of the following instruments: the guitar or the banjo, the string bass or the tuba, piano, and drums.

A typical Dixieland jazz performance consists of one instrument (usually the trumpet) that plays the melody or a recognizable variation  and the rest of the instruments of the 'front line' complement the melody to create a dynamic sound. This largely ensures that Dixieland jazz often sounds a lot more varied and polyphonic than, for example, a big band that plays according to a tightly rehearsed piece. The music started to gain prominence at the beginning of the twentieth century, but the term "Dixieland" only really became popular after the arrival of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in 1917 and their millions of records sold. Louis Armstrong's All-Stars is also a band that is popularly identified with Dixieland jazz. Both orchestras are worth looking up if you are thinking about booking a Dixieland orchestra for your party or event, although you will undoubtedly already know them if you are a fan of the genre.

Are you going to organize a big birthday party and you're looking for a way to get your guests to dance? Do you want to turn the opening of your new store into a lively party? Or maybe you are looking for an original act to boost the annual company dinner? Whatever party you are going to organize, booking a Dixieland orchestra can turn it into a memorable occasion. The Dixieland bands with whom we regularly collaborate with play varied repertoires, from jazz and pop to sing-alongs, and are happy to adjust to the wishes of the customers. In most cases you can also help determine the composition of the band and which instruments are used. This way you can give a personal touch to almost any occasion and leave your guests amazed!

Different types of Dixieland jazz

Since jazz music in general is mainly characterized by improvisation, there are many subgenres within jazz, of which Dixieland is one. The Dixieland jazz subgenre can, however, also be subdivided into different styles, the most common of which are the Chicago Style, the West Coast Revival, and the English Old Style Jazz.

Due to the move of many Southern musicians to the North after 1917, Chicago Style jazz is a form of jazz that is strongly inspired is by the original Dixieland jazz from New Orleans. The transition from the original style to Chicago Style was mainly represented by the greater emphasis on solo choruses instead of small solo breaks, as well as the emphasis on faster tempos, string bass and guitar (replacing the traditional tuba and banjo), and saxophones. King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton were some of the greatest stars of the Chicago jazz scene, while Louis Armstrong with his Hot Five and Hot Seven band caused a riot in the music industry from 1925 to 1928 with its typical form of Chicago Style. The development and growth of Chicago Style jazz would ultimately also be the beginning of swing music in the 1930s and 1940s.

The West Coast Revival jazz style is actually a reaction to the growth of the Chicago Style and the close link of that style with the swing music. In the late 1930s, the West Coast Revival was started by Lu Watters and his Yerba Buena Jazz Band in San Francisco, and this was later expanded by trombonist Turk Murphy. The music of iconic Dixieland artists such as Joe "King" Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and W.C. formed the basis of the West Coast Revival repertoire. The presence of the banjo and tuba in the rhythm sections is a typical characteristic of a West Coast Revival orchestra.

Because of the influence of the two most important orchestral forms of harmony in the Low Countries, harmony and fanfare, traditional English jazz bands do not contain a piano or string instruments, apart from the banjo. What you see in these ensembles are trumpets, trombones and saxophones accompanied by a clarinet, a sousaphone, and a percussion section. This influence is also reflected in the size of a typical English jazz company: With an average number of fifteen band members, English jazz bands are the largest ensembles to play traditional jazz music.

Whether you are just starting to explore the genre or have been enjoying energetic Dixieland jazz for years, Evenses is happy to help provide the ideal band for your party or event. Booking a Dixieland orchestra does not have to be complicated if you have the right event specialists helping you along the way. Whether you are looking for a simple jazz trio for some background music during dinner or an English Old Style orchestra to blow your guests away, together we can book the Dixieland orchestra that fits perfectly with your party and within your budget.

What can Evenses do for you?

Finding the right band that can evoke the New Orleans atmosphere of the early twentieth century is best done by finding a good Dixieland jazz band. By booking a Dixieland orchestra you can create a cheerful, energetic ambiance, while providing something original and unique for your audience. After all, your guests do not normally get the chance to experience Dixieland jazz from a live orchestra every day.

One of the big advantages of working with the bands on our website is that we already have a lot of experience with booking these Dixieland orchestras. What comes with all these bookings is great experience and insight. We also detail several reviews of the band to share further insight about how good the group is. In combination with some video material and the help of our bookers you can get a good idea of the ensembles available before making a decision.

Our Dixieland orchestras can adapt to almost any type of party and theme, from romantic weddings and swinging parties with friends, to Christmas parties with colleagues and authentic American Thanksgiving dinners. With questions about the availability of our bands and the possibilities to book a Dixieland orchestra, you can contact us seven days a week, both via the quote form on the website and by e-mail and telephone.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.