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Cartoonists for hire at Evenses!  Want to book a quick drawing artist for your birthday, company party, or wedding? At Evenses, we can provide a professional and experienced draftsmen and caricaturists to hire. The artists were personally selected by us on the basis of professionalism, quality, and drawing style. The caricaturists all have the skills to give your event a humorous memento by having a caricature made. There are several options for choosing a caricature artist that are important to keep in mind!



The quick draftsman will visit you and can draw a cartoon in at least 6 minutes. He greatly exaggerates the personal facial features in the drawings, so that you get hilarious results! Are you interested in renting a caricature draftsman? Feel free to request a free quote. We will do everything in our power to make all your wishes come true. At Evenses, you can hire a quick draftsman to efficiently give your guests great drawings that they can remember and laugh at!

Are you planning the birthday of one of your children and would you like to organize something original to make the party memorable? Is your partner a huge fan of art and cartoon characters? Are you part of an organization that is planning an annual party at the office and you want to surprise the rest of the colleagues with something funny? You may not have thought about it yet, but booking a cartoonist might be a perfect idea.


But what is a cartoonist anyway? A cartoonist is a quick draftsman, sometimes also called a caricaturist, who makes portraits at very fast speeds. At your party, for example, a quick draftsman could make funny drawings of your guests. In general, such drawings are also called caricaures and have a funny undertone. Not only is it fun entertainment during the party, but also an original souvenir of the party, since your guests can take their portraits home with them.


In addition, booking a cartoonist can be of added value for a wide variety of occasions. From birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events, booking a cartoonist adds a touch of humor to the party or event that you are going to organize. The presence of a cartoonist also gives the party an extra dynamic, since your guests are actively entertained by the artist and their drawings.

Booking the ideal quick draftsman for your party or event does not have to be complicated, but it is generally a good idea to call in so Evenses can help make everything go smoothly. Not every cartoonist will fit well with the type of party that you have in mind. At Evenses, we have excellent contact with various professional artists that are sure to please. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available to you so that you can book the perfect cartoonist for the event that you are going to organize.


Whichever style you are looking for or type of cartoonist you want to book, we are happy to help you find and book the ideal choice for your party. To start, you can take a look at this website. You can scroll through the profiles of the quick drawers in our portfolio via the search engine, among other things by filtering on the type of party and the available budget. In addition, you will also find a large number of reviews of people who have already had the artist come to their own event and blow the guests away with the drawings.

Book your professional cartoonist today with Evenses, so that you may have a humourous and long lasting service provided for your important event!

See below our cartoonists that we have available to hire






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Cartoonist Jules
Laugh and smile with a hand drawn caricature of yourself!
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