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DJ Mac T
100% match

DJ Mac T

4 Reviews

DJ Show with our all-round DJ completed with professional light and sound.

£445 - £1115
DJ Maximuss
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DJ Maximuss

3 Reviews

DJ Show with our all-round DJ completed with professional light and sound.

£350 - £875
DJ Billie
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DJ Billie

Entergetic party DJ and actress ready to rock the crowd!

£600 - £1320
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House DJ

Do you want to book a house DJ for your party, wedding or festival? Our DJs are selected based on their musicality, appearance and experience. Our house DJ plays according to your wishes and preferences, thereby relating well to the audience. This ensures that all your guests will thoroughly enjoy your event.

Our house DJs ensures that the best dance, house and electronic music is played at your party. In addition, it is also possible to make requests. This can be done in advance, but also during the party itself.

Hire a house DJ for your business party, wedding or event

In order to make the party even more spectacular, you can choose to hire an illuminated dance floor. In addition, it is also possible to let us provide all your other entertainment. We can provide a photographerphoto booth, or even arrange more artists.

Our offerings are incredibly diverse; this allows us to ensure you that we can arrange everything to make your event perfect. Feel free to contact us for questions or advice - our employees are available seven days a week to help you further.

Blog about House DJs

Is your daughter's 20th birthday coming up soon and you want to make her big day special as quickly as possible? Is the reunion of your high school class coming up again and you want to give the party an authentic touch of the 90s'? Or are you going to organise a wedding and you want everyone to have a blast at the reception party? Booking a house DJ might be worth considering. A live set from a professional house DJ can make your party or event unique, both for your guests and for yourself.

House music has grown enormously over the last thirty years. From a relatively underground form of electronic music in the Chicago night clubs to one of the most successful music genres in the world today, the growing popularity of house DJs across the U.K has increased very quickly. The developments of the genres are good news for you as an organiser since it gives you more options to find the house DJ that fits perfectly with the party you are going to organise.

For example, in the extensive portfolio of Evenses house DJs, you will come across different parties and events, from birthdays to weddings and festivals. Also with regard to specialities and music preferences within the house genre, a lot of variation has developed over the years. From classic house and tech-house to electro house and more relaxed deep house, each style has a different sound and background. In short, there is a variety of different types and not every house DJ fits the idea that you have in mind for your party or event.

Booking the ideal house DJ for your party does not have to be difficult, but it is not a bad idea to call in the help of a party planner who has experience in booking house DJs. At Evenses, we work with a wide range of professional house DJs for whom we have already made hundreds of bookings. We are happy to make that expertise available so that you can book the perfect house DJ for the event that you are going to organise. Knowing the quality and value of adding a certain type of DJ to your event is important and exactly what Evenses can offer.

Our event specialists are available seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, by e-mail, or by telephone. If you first want to explore a bit yourself, you can already take the first steps with the help of the search engine on our website. Furthermore, we will also go a bit deeper into what house music is and some of the qualities that a good house DJ must have.

What is house music exactly?

House music is a genre within electronic dance music that originated in the early 1980s in Chicago. The first forms of house were strongly influenced and inspired by disco music from the 70s'. The development started in Chicago's underground club culture in the early 1980s, when DJs began to adjust the many pop-like disco tracks that were popular at the time, including a more mechanical beat and deeper basslines. Disco, however, was certainly not the only music style with a major influence on the first house tracks, because soon DJs also began to mix synth pop, rap, Latin, and even jazz on their songs.

What many people don't know is that the original house music was initially associated with the African-American LGBT culture in Chicago. As mentioned earlier, the music has experienced impressive growth in the decades that followed, making it one of the major music streams nowadays. You just have to look up the line-ups of some of the big festivals, such as Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival, to see how many headliners are actually house DJs. On the basis of house music, the Spanish island of Ibiza grew into the world-famous and exclusive party destination it is today.

From the mid-90s' house music became more and more part of mainstream pop and dance music worldwide. Various core elements of house are retained, including the so-called kick drum on most beats, but at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century countless variations on the genre emerged, ranging from slower and more atmospheric tracks to more minimalist mixes. During this period, various subgenres have also become independent genres within electronic music, such as euro house, tech house, and electro house.

What should you pay attention to when looking for a good house DJ?

If you have decided to book a House DJ for the party or event that you are going to organise, then the next step is to make a selection of DJs that you think are good to eventually book the one that best fits your idea. In this process, you will have to deal with different house DJs, all with their own music style, preferences, and conditions. To give you a boost in the right direction, we have listed a few things below that may be useful when looking for and booking a house DJ.

Check sets from the (recent) past

Of course, it would be best to attend a live set of the house DJ in question before booking him or her, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. What you can and should do is look for some information online about the artist's previous sets and performances. You can find, for example, several reviews for each house DJ on the Evenses' website. These are all from people who have already booked these house DJs or who have already experienced a live set from the artist. In addition, you can also look for other material in other places on the internet, such as digital tracks or videos of performances.

Book a house DJ who understands his or her audience

Certainly, when you have a major role in mind for your house DJ, it is very important that he or she has good interaction with the audience. A good DJ senses what people want to hear on the dance floor and ensures that the party continues into the early hours. House music also often has a certain structure, where the so-called drop (a moment in the song when the rhythm suddenly changes or when the bass is introduced) can erupt the audience, provided that the DJ's timing is right. Such timing and interaction with the audience can make a big difference at your party or event.

Does the house DJ in question do song requests?

One of the many bonuses of booking a house DJ for the party or event is that you can go over the setlist with them. Of course, if you choose to book a professional DJ, then you choose to leave the music largely to them, but that's usually not the case with an experienced house DJ. Most house DJs are open to tuning their set of lists to personal preferences, whether if it's for the birthday boy, the groom, or yourself. It is also often possible to request songs during the party, although it is advisable to discuss this in advance with the DJ. Doing this will allow your event to have a personal touch and keep your guests entertained.

What Evenses can do for you

Certainly, for people who have never booked a house DJ before, the process can seem a bit complicated. However, it is certainly not if you seek the help of an experienced entertainment agency such as Evenses. We have booked numerous house DJs for very different types of events in recent years, and we are happy to use that experience to help you find the house DJ that best suits your party. We can start by assisting you with the options available and then making sure we get the artist that you want. With this in mind, you can rest assured that Evenses will handle the booking efforts and you can relax.

Evenses is always available for customers 7 days a week. With the help of this short introduction and the search engine on our website, you can start exploring our portfolio. You can reach our specialists by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that together, we will book the house DJ that fits perfectly with the event that you are going to organise.

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