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DJ and Percussionist
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DJ and Percussionist

Pop, electronica, pre-recorded or going totally acoustic with her drums! This Dj is ready to bring the energy to any event!

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DJ Billie
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DJ Billie

Entergetic party DJ and actress ready to rock the crowd!

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Female DJ

Would you like to hire a female DJ? With a woman behind the turntables, you can combine the musical flexibility of a DJ with the charm of a female. At Evenses, we apply strict selection criteria to get the best female DJs at every event. Whether it be your wedding, business event, or birthday, we make sure our DJs have extensive experience and are suitable for the job.

Are you looking for a top female DJ to perform chill house music at your reception or event? These DJs are suitable for big events or business parties, through all-around music styles and flexibility. As a booking agency, we offer you the opportunity to book a charming performance by one of our DJ ladies to add a feminine element to your evening.

Book a female DJ for your business party, drink, or wedding!

Is your daughter's birthday coming up and you are still looking for some cool musical entertainment for the party? Are you on the organising committee of a festival for next summer and you want to add an original act to the event? Or are you perhaps responsible for the organisation of the bi-annual company party and you are not yet sure what entertainment to provide? Booking a female DJ might be just what these events need to not only provide entertainment but also make it unique.

Nowadays if you study the line-up of an average music festival or take a look at the charts, you will soon see that the majority of the DJs mentioned are men. In recent years, a DJ has acquired an image as a profession that is mainly practised by men, but this is simply not true. Despite the fact that women are clearly in the minority when it comes to DJs, there are indeed very talented and world-famous female DJs. In addition, various music industries have been co-formed and grown by female DJs in recent decades. We will discuss this in more detail below.

Male DJs are mainly booked for events, but female DJs have just as much skill and talent to be professional entertainment. Therefore, booking a female DJ will not only deliver an equally fantastic show, but many of your guests will not expect a female DJ and you immediately will add an original special element to your occasion. Booking a female DJ can add a lot of added value to your party or event while maintaining the quality of the set and the performance that you would expect from a professional DJ.

Only at Evenses will you find countless of high-end female DJs, including DJ Bille, a DJ and Percussionita, and the famous Lady Bee. When selecting our partnerships with female DJs, we use very strict criteria to ensure that you can only book the best and most entertaining artists. Some of the female DJs go for a sexy vibe, big energy, or even a lounge/jazz atmosphere.

It does not have to be difficult at all to book the perfect female DJ for your party or event, but given the varied range of options in the UK, it is generally a good idea to get help from a company that has experience in the field of booking DJs. Not every female DJ will fit the theme of the party that you are going to organise. Evenses has an extensive portfolio of professional female DJs that we've already arranged numerous bookings for. We are happy to use that expertise and experience to help you so that you can book the perfect female DJ for your event.

Our event specialists are available seven days a week via the request form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to explore for yourself, you can use the search engine to make the search more transparent. In combination with other material that you can find on the internet, you can form a first impression of the available female DJs. In addition, below we will also take a closer look at the sometimes underestimated role of female DJs in shaping the (electronic) music landscape in recent decades.

Female DJs in the electronic music industry over the years

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Today the history of electronic music from underground clubs in the sixties and seventies to clubs, concert halls, stadiums, and the computers of millions of people worldwide today is a fairly familiar story. From Giorgio Moroder, Derrick May, and Frankie Knuckles to Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiësto, and Avicii*, the explosive growth of the industry has seen some influential names- come along. What is striking, however, is that the women who have contributed to the evolution of every phase in almost every genre, often remain slightly underexposed.

Some of the first successful acts in electronic music were women at a time when very few people knew that such a thing existed. Clara Rockmore, for example, was a Lithuanian classical musician and the first to be widely praised as a player of the theremin, a rather weird electronic instrument that made eerie sounds and could be heard in various early science fiction and horror films. She toured in the United States in the 1930s along sold-out concert halls and fascinated the public with the weird sounds she produced with the antennas of her instrument.

Better known was Delia Derbyshire, a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop that from the 1960s, who composed electronics for radio and TV programs from the BBC. At a time when electronic music was primarily a niche for neoclassical composers and academics, Derbyshire and her colleagues used complex machines and synths to produce sounds and create a certain atmosphere.

Another female DJ who pushed the boundaries of (electronic) sound much earlier than most is Pauline Oliveros. Although she did not release her first album until 1982, Oliveros was a member of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, an electronic sound institute in the 1960s. Her concepts of Deep Listening and Sonic Awareness were groundbreaking, thanks to an electronically processed accordion sound.

However, any discussion about early music from electronics would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Laurie Anderson, who is still very active today. From an audiovisual art background, electronic music was an early passion for her, but she soon began remixing classics such as 'O Superman', a hit in 1981, which was subsequently remixed in recent years by, among others, MANDY & Booka Shade and Audiofly.

In the 1980s, a few female DJs were also at the forefront of the further development of electronic music. Princess Julia, for example, started as part of the Blitz Kids scene that originated in the New Romantic Blitz nightclub, where everyone came along, from Marc Almond to David Bowie, and later made a name for himself as the resident DJ on the genre-defining Kinky Gerlinky evenings in London. As a music writer and editor, she has collaborated with countless electro-acts in recent decades and is still very active in the music world today.

At the same time, the emerging house genre was co-determined by Smokin 'Jo, one of the most popular DJs in the British house industry. She started as a resident DJ of the legendary club Trade at Turnmills in London and made her name everywhere she played, from Space Ibiza to Fabric. She has been a solid underground house throughout her career. She still produces music nowadays and has released new music in recent years, including on the Dutch tech-house label Area Remote.

As a result of the work and talent of such names, an explosion took place in the 2000s in terms of the number of female DJs in house and techno. Names like Magda, Heidi, and Miss Kittin have taken the lead for this generation, while female DJs like Nina Kraviz, Steffi, Tama Sumo, Virginia, Bella Sarris, Aurora Halal, Xosar, and The Black Madonna are just some of the names that make nightclubs pop and fill stadiums today. This development has ensured that the profession of DJ has become very popular with other girls and women as well, with the result that as an organiser you have a choice of many different female DJs in the UK and abroad.

How can Evenses help you book a female DJ

Booking a female DJ does not have to be complicated at all, certainly not if you already know more or less what kind of event you are going to organize and what role the female DJ will have. So it is certainly useful to have a reasonably clear idea of ​​that before you start looking to book a female DJ. Not every setup will fit the type of party that you have in mind!

Contact our event specialists seven days a week for consultation on booking a talented female DJ. You can submit a no-obligation request form on the website or reach us by email or phone. We are happy to help you find the right entertainment for your event and are sure that a female DJ could potentially be just the right option for you!

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