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DJ George
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DJ George

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Versatile and experienced top party DJ!

£350 - £875
Vinyl DJ 'Vintage'
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Vinyl DJ 'Vintage'

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Vinyl DJ 'Vintage' uses old LPs and carries you on a musical journey.

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Hire a Vinyl DJ?  Hire DJs with vinyl records for your party, anniversary, or wedding
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Vinyl DJ

**Do you want to book a Vinyl DJ? ** Booking a good vinyl DJ is a nice addition to your event or wedding. These DJs offer a wide selection of styles and music genres. The style or genre played is entirely your choice to make.

Perhaps you enjoy 70s music, or even Disco, House, Techno, or Funk? Anything is possible as the DJs have a wide range of tracks that they regularly perform. Feel free to add a list of song requests that we can be sure to let the DJ know of your music preferences before your event.

All Vinyl DJs have been carefully selected by Evenses. We require that the performance be professional and as entertaining as possible. We are absolutely certain that every DJ in our agency is an experienced and accomplished artist. We are privileged to have an exceptional range of Vinyl DJs in our catalogue and are certain they will always deliver a distinguished performance.

Hire a Vinyl DJ for your party, anniversary party or event

Are you interested in booking a Vinyl DJ? Feel free to request a quote with no obligation. We will then provide an all-inclusive price. At Evenses, we also have many types of performances: all-around DJs, famous DJs, and much more. Look below for an overview on how to hire a Vinyl DJ!

Blog about Vinyl DJ

Are you turning 60 soon and you want to give an authentic party with music from your youth? Are you looking for an original live act as part of a festival in the area? Or are you perhaps responsible for office drinks this year and you might be considering giving it a retro touch? A Vinyl DJ can surely be the perfect choice for entertainment for your next event. In addition to the music, booking a vinyl DJ also provides a touch of nostalgia, especially when your guests have an eye  for classic vinyl LPs.

The great thing about booking a vinyl DJ is that, at least musically, you can go anywhere with it. There are of course vinyl DJs who are mainly focused on specific eras, such as 70s' disco or 80s' rock, but the vast majority of vinyl DJ can handle different music genres. This is important to keep in mind so that you don't have to worry about whether there is a vinyl DJ that can play the music you have in mind for your event.

The rapid improvement of digital technology has made it a lot easier and accessible for artists to become established DJs. This has greatly increased the popularity of the DJ as an entertainer. Some of the most well known and successful artists in the world are DJs such as The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix. Many of the most popular parties and festivals in the world, such as ADE, Ultra Music Festival, and more have DJs as headline acts. This trend has ensured that the range of DJ options has grown and you can surely find one available for any event on any date and time.

The fact that the vast majority of this generation of DJs mainly listen to their sets digitally does not mean that there are still no DJs who use types of vinyl. A considerable group of DJs, both hobbyists and professionals, still prefer working with pieces of vinyl to digital music. So if you are looking for a vinyl DJ for the party that you are going to organise, you will at least have a wide choice. It mainly depends on what kind of music you are looking for and what role you have in mind for the DJ at your party.

It does not have to be difficult at all to book the perfect vinyl DJ for your party or event, but given the offer in the Netherlands and Belgium, it is generally a good idea to call in the help of a company that has experience in this field of artist bookings. Not every vinyl DJ will fit well with the party or event that you are organising. Evenses has an extensive portfolio of professional vinyl DJs for whom we have arranged numerous bookings. We are happy to use that expertise and experience to help you so that you can book the perfect vinyl DJ for your event.

Our entertainment specialists can be reached seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first wish to explore the range yourself, then with the help of our search engine you can make the search more suited to your preferences. In combination with other material that you can find on the internet, you can form a first impression of the available vinyl DJs. In addition, we also discuss a little more below why a vinyl DJ could fit your party better than a digital DJ.

Vinyl vs. digital:

The rise of digital music has led to the discussion about which would be "better": a vinyl DJ or a DJ who works with digital music. As far as we're concerned, that point is not so relevant. In our opinion, it is especially important to know which type of DJ best suits the event that you have in mind. In case you are not completely prepared on making that choice of the type of DJ you want, we have some tips to help explain why a Vinyl DJ might be the right option for you!

A difference in sound quality

This first point might be one based on personal preference, but the sound of vinyl can indeed produce a classic and fuller sound, compared to music on CDs or in MP3 format. In addition, the effects of clipping (when one or more of the sound elements in a song exceed the maximum level of the amplifiers) are less noticeable with vinyl than with digital music. Certainly, in the case of larger rooms and events where the volume increases over time, the sound capabilities are very important to keep in mind.

Quality versus quantity

Just like various other points in this list, this point is also partly inspired by the romance of classic vinyl records. Having a lot of music on iTunes or Spotify does not mean that you are a good DJ or can make a party truly unique. A vinyl DJ normally spends more on a song than a digital DJ, since he or she has to buy the physical record. In theory, this would mean that the average vinyl DJ takes careful consideration about which songs they purchase and also spends a lot more time practising with the songs in their repertoire.

Vinyl records are tangible, in the hands of the DJ and at your party

Perhaps the biggest difference between vinyl and digital DJs is that the former goes to work with physical records of the music they want to play, while the latter never actually has to deal with the music in a physical form. This often provides a more authentic and personal atmosphere. In addition, the visual aspect is also a world of difference, both for the vinyl DJ and for the audience. A digital DJ is mainly concerned with his computer and electric turntable, while a vinyl DJ is constantly busy with records from the collection that he or she has brought along. This adds a very unique element to the performance of a vinyl DJ at your party or event.

In the vinyl era, the music was still about the music

This is probably the most pro-vinyl argument in this list, but it does contain some truth. It is common that, due to the growth of the internet the average quality of contemporary music is a lot lower than, thirty or forty years ago. Personal preference leads this notion to be uncertain of being true or not, but what is true is that it was a lot more expensive for artists to release music in the time of vinyl. That would mean that they had to think longer about releasing a song, which would lead to a higher quality of available music. As far as we're concerned, it mainly depends on what kind of music you prefer to hear during your party.

Perfect for a touch of nostalgia

The most important detail is, of course, deciding what kind of event you want to have and which DJ would fit it best. If you are going to organise something that will add a touch of nostalgia, it is a good idea to consider booking a vinyl DJ. Think of a 70s' themed party or a party to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. A live act from a vinyl DJ can be exactly what you are looking for for your party or event, and exactly the type of entertainment that your guests will not experience every day up close.

What Evenses can do for you

If you are considering booking a vinyl DJ for your party or event, it is wise to also contact a party planner with experience. Evenses has built up a long and successful history with a wide range of professional vinyl DJs, including DJ Vintage and DJ Classics, to name just a few names from our portfolio. In addition, we can also put you in contact with professional vinyl DJs who, together with an instrumental, such as the saxophone or guitar, will impress both musically and visually**.**

Over the past decade, Evenses has booked hundreds of different acts, including various professional vinyl DJs. With the help of the search engine on our website, you can begin to view our great offers. You can also contact our booking agents and event specialists seven days a week if you have questions about booking a vinyl DJ. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that, in collaboration with you, we will find the perfect DJ for the event you are planning.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.