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A fun and entertaining clown act perfect for all ages

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Living Statues
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Living Statues

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Everyone knows these 'living statues', they can be booked at Evenses!

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Circus Acts
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Circus Acts

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Anything from jugglers, stilt walkers, clowns, fire acts, and unicyclists!

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Bumbulumph The Phool
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Bumbulumph The Phool

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The hilarious Bumbulumph The Phool ready to elevate your event to the next level!

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Hire living statues for your party, festival or other event.
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Living Statues

Is the annual neighborhood party coming up and you are looking for an act to go with the rest of the organisation to make the occasion memorable? Are you going to organise a friend's birthday and want to book some entertainment to make it a special day? Or are you in the organization of the Christmas drink in the office and do you want to surprise colleagues from other branches with something original? You may not have thought of it yet, but perhaps a living statue at your event could provide a centerpiece and a fun element.

A living statue is formed by one or more persons who present themselves as a statue. They do this with the help of makeup, paint, and appropriate costumes. In some performances it is the intention that the person does not move for a long time, which requires a lot of concentration and a great endurance. In other performances the purpose of the living statue is to pretend to be a statue and then suddenly to scare passers-by. You sometimes see this type of living statue in busy shopping streets or as part of a street theater.

Booking living statues can be a lot of fun for many different kinds of parties and occasions. Think of a living statue that secretly blows bubbles at your ten-year-old son's birthday party when the kids aren't watching. If the performer in question can get along with younger children, the entertainment factor is guaranteed. However, a living statue can also be of added value to a corporate event, by, for example, putting an artist dressed as a mannequin on display and occasionally giving a wink to people passing by.

The great thing about living statues is that there is an enormous amount of variation in the UK regarding types and specialties. For example, a living statue of the Falling Waiter is an original addition to banquets, barbecues, and other catered events. For more romantic occasions, such as a wedding, or a Valentine's Day party, you can go for two living statues in love. Since there is an enormous amount of choice in the field of living statues, you can find the perfect option for almost every party or event.

Booking a living statue does not have to be difficult, but it is useful to at least know more or less what kind of event you are going to organize and what kind of living statue would suit you best. After all, booking a living statue is one thing, but as we already wrote, there are many different acts. From comedy acts for children and romantic duos, to theme-related acts and artists that specialise in scaring passer-byers.

For that reason, it is a good idea to work with a party who has experience in the field of such bookings when booking a living statue. At Evenses, we have an extensive portfolio of professional living statues with whom we have worked with countless of times. We are happy to make that experience available to you so that you can book the ideal living statue for your party. You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quote form on our website, by e-mail, or telephone. If you first want to explore the options yourself, you can make a selection with the help of our search engine. We will further discuss where the art of living statues comes from and why living statues can be as fun as any entertainment at an event.

A piece of history about living statues

The art of the living statue dates back to the Middle Ages when the tableau vivant, literally translated as living canvas, became a popular part of various kinds of celebrations and events. Such groups of living images could be observed when kings or other high-ranking figures visited a city or region. A typical representation in such a context consisted of a group of living statues on a stand that looked like a monument and which was placed along the route of the upcoming group.

Since then, the living statue has been established as an art form and has retained a place in Western culture. Even in the UK, the art of the living statue is actively practiced and maintained. Country to country has different representations of living statues of course, but most of the general characteristics remain the same. Culturally significant leaders, funny actions, and simple sculptures are all types of the most common living statues.

Why would you book living statues for a party or event?

You may wonder whether it is a good idea to book a living statue for your event. This might seem silly for most people who want an interactive entertainer, but a living statue can be an extra addition to an event that has the guests gawking. Instead of a centerpiece fountain, you could have a living statue in the center of the corridor at a venue. Have a performer act as a statue of a comical character frozen in time to get everyone chuckling.

Your guests will not expect it

There is a good chance that many of your guests have seen a living statue in person before, whether it be on a busy shopping street or tourist destination. However, they will most likely not expect one to be present at the party or event that you organise. This only benefits the act, especially if you want the living statues to surprise or even scare your guests at the party.

There is a type for every occasion

From Ancient Greek figures, statues based on famous monuments, characters from fairy tales, and entire ensembles of figures, there are many different types of living statues. This works out well, because you can certainly find a living statue that fits perfectly with the party or event you have in mind.

A living statue in combination with a photographer ensures fun memories

A nicely dressed living statue in itself is nice, but what makes it complete is a photographer who takes pictures of your guests and the artist. That way you ensure that all your guests have a nice memory of the party that you have organised and the amazing living statue.

What Evenses can do for you

Booking a living statue does not have to be difficult, but it is useful to at least have a good idea for of what would suit the party or event you are going to organize. You will have to deal with an enormous variation in the field of living statues to book. At Evenses, we work with an extensive range of professional living statues that are suitable for performances at all kinds of events, from birthdays, weddings, festivals, and corporate events.

When booking a living statue, it is advisable to do so with an experienced party with experience booking special artists. Evenses is such a party that has been active in the world of events for years and has booked countless of acts over the years.

With the help of this short introduction and the search engine on our website, you can already start exploring all of the available options on the website. You can also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a living statue. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that together we will book the living statue that fits perfectly with the party or event that you are going to organize.

Book a living statue for your staff party, birthday or reception.

Are you curious about the possibilities and how a living statue could fit in your party? Feel free to contact one of our employees. At Evenses, are happy to help you with requests for living statues and much more! We are available by telephone and e-mail for questions about booking a living statue.

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