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Silent Disco UK
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Silent Disco UK

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A unique and memorable party, listening to music through headphones!

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Book a Silent Disco? A Silent Disco for your party, festival or wedding
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Silent Disco

Want to rent a Silent Disco for your party, event, festival, or wedding? A Silent Disco is the ultimate way to surprise your guests in a fun way. A Silent Disco creates a unique atmosphere where you experience the music through a pair of headphones. The great thing about a Silent Disco is that your own music can be selected as the DJs have a diverse repertoire, consisting of around 10,000 songs. Whatever your style may be, it's all possible with a Silent Disco that will surely give your guests an unexpected thrill!

Hire a Silent disco for your event, party or wedding

If you book a Silent Disco with Evenses, you don't have to worry about anything! The Silent Disco is booked with an all-inclusive price, which means that all of the necessary equipment, a stylish DJ booth, a sufficient sound system, and a beautiful light show are included. All you have to do is enjoy your event, party, festival, or wedding. You will see information about Silent Disco's below. You can also contact one of our employees and we will be happy to help you with your questions about renting a Silent Disco.

Blog about Silent Disco

Will your daughter be turning 21 soon and would you like to organize a party for her that she and her friends have never seen before? Have you been asked to organize an event for the entire office and would you like to come up with something original? If these cases, a Silent Disco might be the right choice for you!

Simply explained, a silent disco is a party where people dance to music through wireless headphones. The headphones are equipped with receivers that get songs from the DJ booth. This technology replaces the classic loudspeaker system that most night clubs and other event locations are use. If you take the headphones off at a silent disco, you will not hear music and you will only see a room full of dancing people who seem to be dancing to non-existent music. As you can imagine, this can be a very unique and a exciting experience for everyone you invite.

Certainly if you have never heard of a silent disco the concept may sound strange. The silent disco is a relatively new concept in the field of partying and entertainment, but it has interesting and  fun elements that has made it's popularity spread. Usual bars and clubs have loud music blasting through big speakers, which makes it difficult to chat with people. At a silent disco, you can blast the music as loud as you want in your own ears, but also take them off to talk to your friends without having to scream over the music. On top of that, some headsets at silent discos come with the feature to switch between channels. This means that you can be listening to one song while the person nexts to you listens to another!

In regards to the type of party, booking a silent disco gives you an abundance of possibilities. From cozy birthdays and dazzling weddings to festive corporate events and parties that last throughout the weekend, you can book a silent disco for almost any occasion. Whatever you organize, chances are that booking a silent disco will be a beneficial feature that all of your guests will love.

It is a good to book a silent disco through a company that has experience with organizing and booking events. At Evenses, we have already organized countless silent discos for different customers, and we are happy to make that expertise available to you. That is why our event specialists are available seven days a week. If you first want to take a look at the available options yourself, then you can start by using the search engine on our website. By doing this you can search through the options based on what you are looking for and the type event that you are going to organize. Furthermore, we will discuss what exactly a silent disco is and why it can be a splendid idea for the event that you are going to organize.

Why is a silent disco a nice idea?

A silent disco can be a very exciting way to have a dance party, because it's truly unique and can offer people everything that they want in a night out! Just as we mentioned before, a silent disco gives people a chance to listen to music as loud as they want and even change the song on their headset if they don't like it. Other party-goers can simply take their headphones off to chat with eachother without loud music drowning their voices out. These are ways that a silent disco can exceed expectations.

You can party at locations that are not normally suitable for parties and events

One of the nicest things about a silent disco is the fact that it can take place at almost any location. After all, you don't have to take into account the sound of loud music and a bumping bass. Imagine your student organization thowing a big Halloween party, but wanting to make sure the neighbors won't complain about the loud music. Or maybe you know an attractive rooftop terrace somewhere in the middle of London where you would like to stand partying with friends and colleagues until late at night? A silent disco makes this type of option possible.

You will be able to hear without yelling

At a silent disco you don't have to worry about damaging your hearing or losing your voice, because every guest controls the volume of the music he or she is listening to. That of course also works the other way around: if you really like the music, you can also turn it up louder without disturbing other people around you. In addition, a silent disco also gives you the opportunity to have normal conversations with the people at the party, since you can just pause the music while the rest of the people continue to party. Then you can put the headphones back on at any time and turn on the music.

If you don't like the music, just switch to another channel

Another big advantage of a silent disco is that you can listen to different types of music without influencing the experience for other guests. You can switch between different channels on the headset that plays different songs. As an organizer you can largely determine the available channels and genres yourself, which is a very nice way to give your party or event a very personal touch. You can even ensure that a live band or DJ can be heard on one or more of the channels, which can give an extra dimension to the festivities.

The quality of the music is generally a lot better

Certainly for the real music lovers this can be a crucial point. Compared to most other types of parties and events, the quality of the music at a silent disco will be a lot better. This of course also depends on the quality of the headphones that are used, but we always ensure that these are also of great quality. That way you and your guests can fully enjoy the music that is being played.

In the end it is just very different than usual

What ultimately matters when you organize a party or event is that everyone is having a good time. You want to ensure that people enjoy themselves and that your guests talk about it for a long time. By booking a silent disco, you can be sure that you offer everyone a very original experience. Thanks to the concept of the silent disco, it is also primarily a social experience where you can get to know other people in a different way than during a regular party in, for example, a nightclub.

What Evenses can do for you

When booking a silent disco you will have to deal with a lot of choices in terms of organization, music styles, and locations. At Evenses, we can organize a wide variety of silent discos that are suitable for all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events.

At Evenses you can also book a silent disco in combination with other types of entertainment such as a live DJ set or a visual show by a VJ. Whether you want to give the upcoming neighborhood party an original touch or are looking for unique experience for your wedding reception, a silent disco can be just what you need.

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