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Book Mouse-on-the-TV to take your event to the next level!

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DJ VJ Show
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DJ VJ Show

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This joyful show combines a DJ with corresponding music video clips.

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VJ Phill
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VJ Phill

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Video Jockey Phill provides a beautiful visual show at your party and event.

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Would you like to book a VJ for your wedding, party, or event? Will a big corportate party be organized and you want to provide some visual entertainment in addition to the music? Is your son or daughter's wedding coming up and you want to make it a very special party? Or do you just want to organize a smashing party for friends and family, and want to have something unique for everyone? Often most of your attention for entertainment is focused on the music, the location, and the decorations when organizing. However, it is evident that investing in visuals is generally less considered for events, and it is a shame as booking a visual element such as a video jockey can be just what makes your party a unique event.

You have probably heard of the term "VJ" before, but you may not have considered that a VJ can also be booked for your own parties and events. In short, a professional VJ is dedicated to creating or manipulating visuals using technology on computers and lights often in conjunction with music. There is a good chance that you have seen a VJ live at work at concerts, in night clubs, or at festivals, even without realizing it. For example, if an artist is supported by a huge light show that goes in sync with the music, then a VJ, among others, is at work.

One of the handy things about booking a VJ is that it can be of added value on almost any occasion. That is because in the case of DJs for example, there are many different types, all with their own style and preferences. Are you organizing an award ceremony and you want visuals mixed with music in the background on stage? Are you having a party featuring a House DJ and you want an electric light show? Or is it a wedding where at a certain point a slideshow with photos of the happy couple has to be accompanied by classical music and atmospheric lighting? Whatever you need, chances are that you can book the perfect VJ that is more than capable of providing the services that you are looking for.

In view of the fact that the number of professional VJs in the UK has grown fairly rapidly in recent years, it is a good idea to seek the help of a party with experience in the field of artist bookings when booking a VJ. Not every VJ will fit the type of party you want to organize, but at Evenses you can find the right choice for you. We have an extensive portfolio of professional VJs for whom we have already made numerous successful bookings with. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect VJ for the event that you are going to organize.

Our experienced event specialists are available seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to go exploring yourself, then you can already get started with the help of the search engine on our website. To make the concept of a VJ more clear and to better explain how a good VJ can turn your party or event into a memorable occasion, we will also go into more detail about what a VJ is and does exactly, and why it can be a splendid idea to book a VJ for the event that you are organizing.

What exactly is a VJ?

Above we have already cited the example of what exactly VJs do. The concept of the video jockey is largely a creation of the music channel, MTV. The term "video jockey" (VJ) is actually a variation on the term "disc jockey" (DJ), such as DJ Tiësto, DJ Jean, and Calvin Harris. It was MTV (Music Television Network) in the 1980s that caused the term "VJ" to gain prominence in mainstream. The typical MTV hosts on television, the men and women who presented the video clips and talked to each other about the programming of the channel, was based on the entertainment that took place at a New York nightclub at the time, called Hurray. This was the first club to integrate a complete and advanced video installation into the club's design. This creation consisted, among other things, of several screens above the bar and the dance floor.

The original idea of ​​the Hurray owners was to show clips and short films on the many screens during club nights. However, with the help of various makers of experimental films, the nightclub soon began to make videos that complemented the music of the DJs, rather than visual entertainment on the screens constituting a sort of pause in the evening. In this way the visuals became an integral part of the club atmosphere and soon the job of video jockey was born.

For the general public, VJs became known primarily as presenters on channels such as MTV and others. Their job as VJ was mainly based on presenting video clips and music-related programs on these channels, which proved to be an extremely successful concept. Various well-known Dutch people took their first steps in show business as VJs, such as Bridget Maasland, Ruud de Wild, and Mental theo.

Whether it is a VJ that provides visuals for a DJ set in a nightclub or a VJ that presents music videos on television, one of the key elements is the live mixing of media, ranging from files on DVDs and hard disks of a computer, to live camera images and computer-generated images. In addition, a VJ is generally also involved in processing image material in real time. By booking a good VJ for the party or event that you are going to organize, you can therefore add an unique element to the whole affair.

Why would you book a VJ?

Nowadays it is also possible to book VJs for parties and events that you organize yourself, just like you could book a DJ or a singer for an event. You can be pretty sure that in most cases the vast majority of your guests have seldom or never attended a party where a VJ was also part of the entertainment, which makes booking a VJ all the more fascinating. But what exactly can a VJ add to your event?

The visual aspect

Obviously booking a VJ over a DJ adds a visual element over a purely music base. Whether it is a VJ that is more concerned with presenting different parts of the party with the help of visual support or a VJ that mainly focuses on creating visual shows to accompany the music, the right VJ can be of great added value.

To tell a story

A professional VJ can also help you as an organizer tell a story during the event. Consider, for example, a wedding in which various speeches are not only accompanied by musical pieces, but also by appropriate images and beautiful light variations. This is also closely related to the following point below...

Recall the perfect atmosphere

By booking a VJ you can provide your party or event with visuals in your own unique way. These can be tailored to the music, but also, for example, to the location where the event is held or to the atmosphere that you want to create at a specific moment. In addition, beautiful visuals can also be the perfect way to support a theme or music genre, such as at a swinging 1920s party or a party with the theme “Hawaii”.

What Evenses can do for you

Booking a VJ certainly does not have to be difficult, but it is wise to at least have a good idea for yourself of what kind of act or visual entertainment you are looking for before starting your search. Just as there is an infinite variety of DJs, you also have to deal with a lot of variation in VJs to book. At Evenses, we work with an extensive portfolio of VJs that are suitable for performances at all kinds of parties and events. From birthdays and weddings to festivals and corporate events, no matter the occasion Evenses can help.

In addition, you can also book VJs at Evenses in combination with, for example, musical elements such as vocals or a DJ set. Whether you are organizing a summer rager and want to provide it with appropriate visual guidance by a live VJ, or want to give a smashing birthday party where the VJ supports a professional house set of a DJ of your choice, we are happy to help you find the ideal option to find and book for your party or event.

When booking a VJ it is advisable to do that with an experienced party when it comes to booking VJs. Evenses has been active in the world of events and entertainment for years, and we have booked hundreds of different acts over the years. You can contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a VJ. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that together with you we will book the VJ that fits perfectly with the party or event that you are going to organize.

Book a VJ for your wedding, party, or event!

Have you booked a DJ but would like something special to entertain your guests? A VJ is a nice addition for this. A DJ can provide musical entertainment for your event, but visually there are fewer options. You can choose to hire a VJ that provides your event with visuals in its own unique way. These will be tailored to the music of the DJ, the location of your party and the atmosphere that you want to create. The VJ can also tune the visuals to your theme or music genre.

The VJ will draw up a plan in consultation with you and can provide all the materials they need for your event. You can think of projectors for projecting and canvases to make the projections come into their own. Every event and location can be suitable for a visual show. A small-scale wedding or a large club party are both suitable for decoration and entertainment in the form of projections. We are happy to help you further! You can therefore reach us 7 days a week for questions and advice about booking a VJ.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.