Let the future of your guest be predicted the hand reader: Salina gives every party a special tint.

At the end of the party they most definitely won’t look at their hands in the same way. You can book Salina for your party, wedding, birthday party, opening ceremony, conference or drinks.

By reading hands, the hand reader provides insight of the character and life development of your guests. Salina started twenty years ago with hand reading. She catches the guest features and life progresses from the lines on their hands. She combines traditional palmistry with psychological insights and other intuitive methods. She looks both at the lines on the hand and at the shape of the hands and fingers.

Salina gives a clear view on life and possibilities for the future. The hand reading is nice and surprising. Talents, qualities but also weaknesses are visible, together with love, relation developments and life events, all to be seen in the hands: they also change with the new decisions taken in life. She can read eight to ten people hands in one hour.

Do you want to book hand reader Salina for your drink, birthday party, or celebration? This magical act of hand reading is hirable via Evenses for your opening ceremony and wedding. Fill in the quotation form or contact us without obligation. We are ready 7 days a week to answer all your questions.