Do you want to book party entertainment or extra catering services for your event? Other than the live entertainment such as cover bands, pop duos, and soloists, at Evenses we also offer several caterers, attractions, and casino amenities too.
For every occasion or themed party, we have a product that fits perfectly! For example, we have a poker table at a casino evening on location or a professional photographer for your wedding! Guests will be entertained by all the extra services and amenities that Evenses offers.

Are you interested in a food truck for a corporate event or a cartoonist for your birthday party? We can provide those things for you! For your business trip, a massage chair could be an option to help your employees relax and unwind a bit.

Hire extras for your theme party, corporate or private events

Do you have any questions regarding our attractions, workshops, massage chairs or casino tables? Feel free to contact one of our employees. We are happy to help you. You can reach us 24/7 via telephone and by mail.