Book illuminated dance floors

Do you want to hire an illuminated dance floor for your party, birthday or event? In that case, an illuminated LED dance floor is perfect to encourage your guests to dance. Evenses entertainment has several types of illuminated dance floors. We have LED illuminated dance floors, illuminated Disco floors, illuminated dance floors with patterns, illuminated dance floors with pixels and more! The illuminated dance floors are suited to every party.



You want to hire illuminated dance floors for your wedding party


Evenses entertainment agency provides everything from delivering to installing the illuminated dance floor. It all is done by professional experts. We make sure that all you have to do is enjoy your party!


We can provide you with a quote without obligation. With this offer, you know precisely where you stand with us. The proposal will give you an all-in break down of the costs specified for your event. If you are interested in hiring an illuminated dance floor, check out our range below.

You want to hire an illuminated dance floor? Check out our LED dance floors for rent!






Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest verjaardag
Smart illuminated dance floor
This nice LED dance floor is a good value and affordable option for every party.
395,-price on requesta
dansvloerboeken vlak
Illuminated Disco dance floor
This floor is a classic amongst disco floors with an atmospheric illuminated surface.
445,-price on requesta
Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest evenement
Exclusive illuminated dance floor
Our most advanced dance floor that can take every form and color.
495,-price on requesta
dansvloer inhuren huwelijk
Premium illuminated dance floor
Bright & beautiful colours come from this thin disco dance floor that can display many designs.
445,-price on requesta
Pix1600 5
Deluxe illuminated dance floor
Very bright and nice illuminated dance floor, incorporating all logos and patterns
745,-price on requesta