Bossa nova

Bossa nova music  at your party, wedding or corporate party? Bossa nova is a music style that originated in Brazil, around the 50’s of the 20thcentury from the samba and was influenced by jazz music. Bossa nova actually sounds like jazz, warm and sensual, always calm and never aggressive. Bossa nova became very popular all over the world and received particular attention from American jazz musicians, mainly saxophonists who love this style of music. Saxophonist Stan Getz, who scored huge successes, the greatest with the duo album Getz / Gilberto. Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra made albums that were completely dedicated to Jobim's work. Numerous compositions by Jobim have become standards. The music of the legendary composer is still performed worldwide by various artists. Our Bossa nova and jazz artists are inspired by this beautiful genre and can play your favourite Bossa nova songs. Evenses offer a selection of professional Bossa nova bands and duos you can book. Read more


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It is possible to book a DJ with our bossa nova band for a swinging end of the evening. You are assured of hiring an excellent formation by reserving a bossa nova band at Evenses, the formation consists of very professional musicians. Our music groups are booked daily for events, festivals and parties. All music groups are selected for their quality, enthusiasm and experience. You want to be sure of a stunning wedding party or staff party? Simply request a no obligation quote or call our office for more information. We are available and would like to help you with looking for the right bossa nova artist for your event. 


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