¡Ven de fiesta conmigo! If you're looking to celebrate latin culture and feel the energy that comes with an authentic celebration, then hiring Fiesta Sound is the right choice for you!


You can hire Fiesta Sound in combination of several different instruments and types of music. It can be mariachi, salsa, pop, reggeton, or even famous English songs with a latin twist! A latin band can be a great fit for any event from a wedding, birthday party, themed party, festival, or corporate event. Giving Evenses a clear picture of what you are looking for with a latin band, will ensure that the right members of Fiesta Soundare booke for your event.


Hiring Fiesta Soundfor your next event is a great decision to ensure non-stop entertainment and fun! We offer the most professional musicians to perform for you and want to turn your party into a true fiesta! Contact us at Evenses today for a free quote by submitting the request form or by email or phone.