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Would you like to book a jazz duo to make your party, fair, conference or event a great success? Booking agencyEvensesis the right place to hire a jazz combo. Jazz musicians play easy listening jazz music. All our jazz artists graduated at a conservatory. In addition, they have years of experience which has helped them develop into professional and experienced jazz musicians. This website enables you to listen to jazz music from our British jazz musicians online, to get a good impression of the jazz duos you can book. 



Jazz duos can be hired to play background music or perform a jazz concert. Our jazz duos are suitable for both options. Besides the musical jazz duos we have, there are also a number of jazz trios that you can hire from Evenses like "the Jazz House" and "the Retro Tones".



Jazz is a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in New Orleans in the United States of America, with influences from West African rhythms. The musical instruments that are most common in jazz duos or in a jazz band are trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, pianos, trombones, banjos, (bass) guitars, double basses and percussion. 




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If you have any questions regarding our jazz duos, please feel free to contact us. We’re always ready to help you out, and we’re available 24/7. Via this website, you can request a no-obligation offer. 

All jazz duos that you can hire for your wedding, company parties and birthday parties






hire duo UK the best
Their music is creative and unique, often complimented by harmonica, effects and keyboards!
250,-price on requesta
combo juice cigars boeken
Juice & Cigars
Ranging from beautiful jazz ballads and swinging blues, to the hits of today!
395,-price on requesta
jazz duo hire UK wedding party
Cocktail Jazz Duo
With a wide repertoire of jazz classics, this duo can put their classy twist on your event!
450,-price on requesta
premium jazz duo london hire
The Speakeasy Duo
With a repertoire of many genres, this duo can put their classy twist on your event.
500,-price on requesta
hire jazz duo london
Maria & James Duo
The combination of flute, voice and guitar is truly unique and pleasant to listen to!
600,-price on requesta
Jazz & Cool
This jazz combo brings atmospheric jazz and background music to every occasion.
645,-price on requesta
book piano show london
Evenses Duelling Piano Show
Enjoy a combination of live piano music and great vocals with our amazing piano duo!
650,-price on requesta
male female duo for event
A Guy & His Doll
This highly talented Cabaret Duo have worked together since meeting on London's West End
900,-price on requesta