Acrobatic handbalance duo combines grace, style & gravity-defying agility both in the air and on the ground. Creating breathtaking routines that have dazzled audiences in cabarets, weddings, events and festivals across the world. Professional dancer Fiona and Commonwealth Games Circus Graduate Cory, merge the worlds of dance and acrobatics with performances that enthral and excite.
Being nominated for best circus show at the Edinburgh Fringe, Ringside (Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane awards 2015) and being hired as entertainment at events with the Queen and Royalty present. They have also been hired for large corporate events for brands like Volkswagen, Disney and a lot more.

Girls duo speciality is performing at large shows and corporate events. Our duo tailors the act to every event to make sure we bring something special each time, and so that the event is always happy. This duo is also suitable for events, shows, parties and weddings, with exciting acrobatic routines, gravity-defying aerial, graceful and powerful handbalance or high above the crowds on stilts.  


Duo handbalance



An act done in heels, mixing handbalance, acrobalance, dance and flexibility. We have several versions of this act for any event style.  It can be performed easily with a low ceiling height. 
You can book Tango, Roxanne: Passionate, intense and powerful act, or, you can go for a sexy and graceful version suited to an adult crowd performance: 'crazy in love' theme. We have another option for a fun and playful version which works from corporate events to family events.  It mixes comedy and circus.  Our girls have performed this in high end shopping centres, burlesque nights, Christmas parties and family circuses, it always gets a laugh.


Evenses has lots of possibilities for your event! Check & book our Duo handbalance and be ready for the most unforgettable night!