Bossa Nova and Latin music: this summery band music gets your hips swinging and bottoms turning. Featuring artists like Joao Bosco, Djavan and Antonio Carlos Jobim, this music is perfect for your occasion. This is really the band for your summer event with their playful arrangements, acoustic sound and room for improvisation.

The band Brazilian Sensación is composed by a skilled and professional team of musicians consisting of a female singer, bassist, guitarist/pianist and drummer They play a diverse program of well-known pieces from the bossa nova, samba, jazz and Latin.

This sultry music is perfect for a reception, business occasion, dinner or intimate party. At a Brazillian Sensación performance, you can picture yourself on a sunny beach with a Caipirinha in your hand and the sounds of the jungle in the background. Tell me, is this not what everyone wants?

Would you like to book Brazilian Sensación for your party, wedding, event, business party or festival? Brazilian Sensación can be booked through this website for a wide range of occasions: opening ceremony, banquet, wedding or a business event.

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