Do you want to have music at your business party, wedding or concert? In the organization of your exceptional party, searching for music is a fun but stressful job. It is essential that you rent music that you like to listen to, and is enjoyable for your guests. It is often a safe choice to book good, all-round musicians. It could be a DJ, a band or other formation of live musicians. The music they play matches your wishes, and they respond well to the audience and the atmosphere of the evening. The music genres they play include British music, pop music, new music from the current top 100 charts and hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Admittedly, it is also possible to rent specific music. Perhaps you are searching for more exotic music, and are a fan of French music, Spanish music, Italian music or country music. Or do you prefer to keep it closer to home with British music? At Evenses you can hire real folk singers who sing and play British music.

Have you already thought about which musical instruments you want the chosen artist to play? Do you have a preference for guitar, piano, violin, or any other instruments? Listening to music from your favorite musician or DJ is always a smart and effective method to find out which live music you want to listen to at your party. Just download some music, play music on YouTube, or stream music online via Spotify to get a good idea of the music you want for your event

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Would you like some advice regarding which musical act to hire for your wedding, business party or birthday? We will be happy to help you find the best solution. Our team consists of experienced event managers who have already organized and provided many parties with the right music. It can be a selection from the current top 40, rock, dance, urban or typical music from the UK. You can reach us seven days a week by telephone, mail or via the website. Feel free to contact us for more information about hiring music.​

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