Would you like to book pop music  for your wedding, corporate party or town festival?  Booking agency Evenses offers pop artists of various genres, available for your wedding party, reception or festival.  Read more


Do you want to throw a party for your friends? Or are you looking for a great pop band, pop singer, all-around DJ for your wedding party? With us, you will definitely find a good act! Many of our pop bands, pop DJ’s and pop singers sing/play well-known pop music of past and present. The nice thing about pop music is that everybody knows the songs and can sing them from the top of their voice. This makes a great birthday, wedding or party. Bass guitar, drums or electric guitar can be added to the performances. We also have pop DJs who can perform together with a musician, like a saxophonist or a percussionist, this makes their performances even more spectacular.


Pop is a collective name for all the music released since the ’60s. Pop music is an abbreviation of popular music. Music that appealed to many people. Pop music is a sound that everybody knows and can sing along to, like music in the top 40. Pop music consists of rock, trance, soul, hip hop and R&B. 


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Are you looking for a nice pop singer or pop duo? You are at the right address with booking agency Evenses. With more than 100 pop bands, we always offer the right solution. View our range of options to hire your pop formation. Request a quote without obligation. We can answer all your queries seven days a week.


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