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DJ and Saxophonist

Stunning show with a DJ and a live saxophonist!


"Our party was great! The combination of a DJ with a saxophonist is amazing. I am speechless, it was great! They had dot the I’s and cross the T’s. I had a great evening, definitely worth repeating it. "
Georgia Landman
"We wanted to have music at our wedding party. The DJ and saxophonist were a great choice. All the guests were very enthusiastic about it. It was an amazing performance! "
Maledine Jacks

DJ and Saxophonist

This act combines the best of both worlds: a stunning performance of a live saxophonist together with the DJ adaptability in music styles. The saxophonist can be booked either as solo or as a combination pair with our DJ Show. The saxophonist plays multiple sessions during the party, alongside with the DJ. The saxophonist comes standard with our all-round DJ, but you can also request a DJ with a specific style. The show can be a fantastic package with an all-round DJ, completed with DJ-gear, sound equipment and a nice lightshow!


Do you require only a saxophonist?

The standard offer comes with the saxophonist and one of our top DJs. They are also available to be booked as a solo act.


100% satisfaction guarantee

Evenses has a team of multiple saxophonists and DJ’s on contract, all of them with extensive experience gained from playing hundreds of parties, weddings, and business events. Besides that, they gained practice playing in renowned Dutch clubs. All DJs and saxophonists are individually selected based on their experience and creativity. We work with a young team of caring, sympathetic and professional artists. Our eclectic team is the evidence that we are prepared for any eventuality.


Complete package with light, sound and DJ-equipment.

The show contains all the necessary equipment. We can provide: professional DJ-equipment, stylish DJ booth, appropriate sound technique and a nice lightshow.

As a result of our vast experience, we can also provide a performance in almost all the Dutch party locations. We have organized performances for intimate house parties, castles, boat tours and clubs.

Thanks to our flexibility, we are ready to plan any performance (big or small) to satisfy both your needs and your location. An illuminated disco dance floor or live video footage can be added to the DJ and saxophonist’s show. We adapt it according to your requirements.


Your wishes are fundamental for our plan

We do everything possible to make sure the music completely fulfills your wishes.

During the booking process, you tell us which tracks you look for, how the events sequence has to be planned and other special requests like an opening dance. Our DJs have a broad repertoire of 10.000 titles to be chosen from. They can play whatever style you desire: from popular dance to well-known singalongs to raw soul, swinging disco and dance classics. Our female singers have a great ability for improvisation and a big repertoire as well. They both can cope with a large variety of music styles.


Do you want to hire a  DJ with saxophonist for your wedding, party, marriage, business party, or birthday? Everything is possible! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or special requests.

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