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Book a cover band fromEvensesfor a rocking time! The band searcher at Evenses booking office helps you hire the perfect live band for your parties, such as an all-around cover band, rock ’n’ roll or tribute band. Our cover bands perform existing hits from well-known artists. Our artists are ready to make your event fantastic.  Look no further for finding the best cover band in the UK! Read more

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Evenses offers you a wide range of music groups. Our feel-good cover band for weddings can be booked in any genre; you can reserve a pop group, jazz cover band, jazz band, rock group or disco beat band to provide the music at your wedding. You can request a selection of party music performed by famous British singers. If you prefer to hear rock covers from a British cover band, you can book, one of our trendy rock bands.


Other favorite genres and acts as music from the 60s and 70s, Dixie, rock ’n’ roll, top 40, Surinamese band, funk, tribute, classic and all-around cover band.  Are you still in doubt about whether you want to book a DJ or a band at your wedding? Then consider one of our party bands with a DJ. Booking a group is a simple process with the help of our event managers. Feel free to contact us for information and help with searching and hiring the perfect music band.


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Cover bands are ready to get you and your guests on the dance floor. Our party bands can be maintained for any occasion. Every professional artist is personally contracted based on their enthusiasm, musicality, and experience. To get more information regarding the costs of a cover band you can request an offer, containing the costs and the total price of hiring. Scroll down for more information regarding hiring cover groups at British festivals, weddings or birthdays, or contact one of our employees regarding the cover band to be booked.


Coverbands Blog:

One of the big doubts that people often have when they organize a party is whether the repertoire of the band is big enough and suitable for their event. By hiring a cover band you can put this worry to rest. A cover band is a group of professional musicians who "cover" famous songs by bands and singers. A talented and professional cover band can be the perfect addition to your party, but take the time to find out exactly what you want for your party and which options you have for bands. Our entertainment specialists are happy to help you with this.


Whether you are looking for a band that can sing songs from the 70s' for your 50th birthday, a small orchestra playing the best classical pieces at a wedding, or an energetic singer for a street party, a cover band can fit into your event and deliver a show! For this reason, Evenses offers a very wide range of different cover bands, from pop groups and jazz bands, to bands that play golden oldies and all-round cover bands. You can contact us without obligation to find out more about what we can do for you and your party in the field of cover bands.


What exactly is a cover band?

Hiring a cover band can be the perfect finishing touch for your party or event, but it is very important to choose a band that fits the party you are organizing. A band that will compliment the vibe that you are looking for is important to keep in mind. Knowing this, it is more of an advantage to go for a cover band instead of a one that mainly plays their own work. Despite the fact that cover bands largely play music from other artists, there is always differences and specializations that come with each. For example, at Evenses you can find cover bands that can play all the pop music you want, but also bands that specialize in Latin music or jazz, to name a few.


It is also important to realize that a cover band is not necessarily a tribute band. A cover band generally plays well-known songs from different artists or bands, while a tribute band generally focuses on playing the repertoire of one particular singer or group. In other words, all tribute bands are normally cover bands, but by no means all cover bands act as tribute bands. By booking a cover band, you often get a little more variety and flexibility in regard to the music of the party.


What should you discuss with the cover bands you like?

As we mentioned earlier, booking a cover band for your party or event is not difficult, but it is important that you do some research before making a choice. Of course you want the band to fit well with the event that you are organizing. On our website you will find an extensive selection of cover bands, all with a profile and information that is useful when selecting a band. You can also use the search engine and filters to make the process easier or simply contact us via the quotation form, e-mail, or telephone for more information. To help you get started, we have listed some tips below that you should pay attention to when choosing a cover band.


Take the time to investigate

Once you have decided to brighten up your party with a cover band, it is important to compare some options and acts. An opinion from someone you know is often the best when choosing a band, but it is very useful to investigate a little further as well. For example, you can surf the internet to see if the band is on social media and whether you can find reviews from people who have seen them perform. Does the band have a website? Can videos be found from their previous performances? Is it easy to contact the band? All this type of information can help you form a first impression of the band.


Keep an eye on the budget

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, organize a wedding, or add a surprise to the annual company outing, ultiamtely you will always have to deal with a budget. It is therefore important to ask for the price of the cover bands you have in mind. It is also useful to ask the band about the equipment they need, how much of it they can arrange themselves, terms of transport, and whether they also have a host for the event. Preparing all these factors for the band will give you the most accurate outlook of how much the quote will be without any surprises.


Pay attention to the necessary space

If you want to book a cover band for a party, it is a good idea to take the space that the band needs into account. There is quite a difference in the required space between a solo folk singer and a five-piece jazz band. The more members and instruments the cover band has, the more space they will need. This is one of the things you can ask when you first contact a band that you like.


The set-up is everything

Certainly in the case of events where timing is crucial, such as weddings or ceremonies, it is important to know how much time the band needs to set up everything. Like all bands, cover bands also need some time to perform sound tests and make other preparations. To keep the stress on the day of the party as low as possible, it is advisable to book a cover band that may be present a few hours in advance.


Provide clarity about how long the performance should last

Most cover bands can give both short and long performances, depending on the type of event and the budget that is available. At a wedding, for example, you may want a cover band for the reception, but not during the ceremony. For a birthday on the other hand, you may only want a performance for an hour or two. It is important to discuss this with Evenses before booking the band, so that you can plan the evening accordingly.


Let the band know in time if you have specific requirements

As mentioned earlier, one of the great advantages of booking a cover band is that you can personalize the performance to a large extent. Requesting songs, for example, is an excellent way to give the party a personal touch, while adding an extra band member or instrument can also be fun. Acknowledge your wishes to the band early on, so that they have enough time to prepare and to give possible other suggestions.


The visual part is also important

In addition to the musical aspect of booking a cover band, it is also important that the set-up and the band members look presentable. A live band is also a visual experience for your guests. You can discover a lot about the presentation and the visual side of the act with the help of photos and videos from previous performances. It is quite possible that the band is prepared to adapt to your event. Just think of a hippie-inspired set-up for a 70s' party, a rock band in full attire, or a three-piece band in tuxedos for a wedding.


Evenses can help you organize the perfect party

If you book a cover band through Evenses your party will be in good hands when it comes to the entertainment. Not only will you find a wide variety of cover bands in various genres, from rock bands, 80's bands, and classical orchestras, but also a team of and event specialists who are happy to help you find the ideal cover band for your party. You can contact us seven days a week without obligation if you want to book a cover band or have questions about the booking process.


On this website you will find profiles of every cover band that we collaborate with, as well as a large number of reviews from customers who have booked these bands in the past. We recommend that you first take a look at the cover bands on our website and know for certain which one you want, so that we can help you efficiently. It is also always a good idea to have a backup band if the number one option is not available. Whichever type of event or party you organize, Evenses is a partner you can count on.

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