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Book a rock band for your party, birthday or wedding!You can hire a rock band to turn your wedding, event, or festival into an unforgettable party. Hiring a rock band is one of the best ways to make a massive success of your event. At Evenses, you can hire a live rock band for your city festivities and street parties. On this website you will find a band finder tool, so you can look for a Rock 'n Roll (or cover) band that perfectly suits your event. Read more...



We hire rock bands from all over the U.K that can play rock songs from their own repertoire as well as cover songs by well-known rock artists, including well-known bands such as U2, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, AC / DC and David Bowie; many of their songs are included in the Rock Top 100. Furthermore, it is also possible to hire a DJ to play before or after the rock band for your wedding party, student party, or event.



Hire a rock band for your party, business party or wedding



When you book a rock band at Evenses you hire a band that really will rock at your party or event. This music group will play a wide range of music, such as hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, classic rock, blues rock, alternative rock, hard rock, metal rock, folk rock, punk rock, rock 'n roll, top 40 rock and tribute rock. These music genres, of course, can be specified to your preferences.


The most popular hard rock bands are AC/DC, Guns N 'Roses, Metallica, and Bon Jovi. In recent years, the most popular modern rock bands are Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Three Days Grace.


Evenses can offer you a wide range of music groups and musicians who are booked daily for different types of parties, festivals and events.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our employees at the Evenses. We are available seven days a week. You can also request a no-obligation offer on this website.

Our top recommendations

The Jungles Book a well-known band on electric and acoustic band for the eventlive perfomance- book a cover bandThe Jungles The Jungles

The Jungles

6 Reviews

An experienced and exciting electric band in a trio or duo!

Popped In Rocked OutDo you want to book a pop & rock band for your party, birthday or wedding?Hire a pop & rock band for your party, business party or weddingMake your event a true rock 'n roll experienceHire a live rock band for your festival or private occasionPopped In Rocked OutPopped In Rocked OutPopped In Rocked OutPopped In Rocked Out

Popped In Rocked Out

4 Reviews

Killer songs & dancefloor giants for all public & private occasions!

The Retro TonesRock 'n' Roll bandThe Retro Tones | Evenses UKThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro TonesThe Retro Tones

The Retro Tones

4 Reviews

A fun and exciting Rock 'n' Roll band will bring the full experience and great vocals

Groove Oddity Check our selection of bands for any occasionLooking for a fantastic and professional cover band?Groove Oddity Groove Oddity Groove Oddity Groove Oddity Groove Oddity

Groove Oddity

4 Reviews

Their passion and dedication to the groove is witnessed at every live show!

The Heat WavesBook a cover band​ for your eventBook a band on can't feel my face cover by our cover band in Heat WavesBook a favourite​​ band for your eventThe Heat WavesThe Heat WavesThe Heat WavesThe Heat Waves

The Heat Waves

4 Reviews

With a mix and match of instruments, give you event a fresh and new feel with great music

Madhen Madhen Party Band | EvensesMadhen Party Band | EvensesMadhen Madhen Madhen Madhen Madhen


4 Reviews

This energetic and entertaining party band lights up the party.

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