Hip Hop

Are you planning to hire hip hop artists for your party,  birthday or festival? At Evenses we have a wide range of British hip hop artists you can book for any occasion! We offer solo hip hop artists, who can provide you with a solo performance like, Suzanna Dee or Lady Bee. Or perhaps a hip hop band, we have various bands that offer this type of performance. Read more



Hip hop is a music style that originated in the ’70s in New York, mainly in the poor district of the Bronx. In the 60s and 70s, Hip-Hop spread to the UK mainly from Jamaican immigrants. 




Hip hop artists at your birthday party, celebration or festival!


Book a Dutch or British top hip hop artist? We are always here to advise you on which hip hop artist would be the best match for your party. And you can request a quote which lists all total costs. Evenses offer an all-inclusive price, so you don’t end up with unexpected costs. 


View our entire range of well-known urban artists here. 



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