Do you want to book a soothsayer for your party, event, business function, wedding or festival? A soothsayer or hand reader provides a unique twist at your event. Individually, or in pairs, guests can let their future be predicted. The sessions of the clairvoyant can be both long and short - an average of 1 to 10 minutes per session; a psychic can generally predict the future of an average of 6 people per hour. Evenses offers various possibilities, for example, a paranormal soothsayer, tarot card-layer and hand reader. Soothsayers provide personal attention to your guests at your party, event, staff party or wedding, and their future predictions will leave a lasting memory with your guests
Book a soothsayer for your party, wedding or event

With hiring a soothsayer, you give both yourself and your guests a valuable gift. A soothsayer can also be booked in combination with others acts from Evenses - for example, consider something completely different, such as a photo mirror, champagne tower or massage. You can plan your event in that way that you’re sure to get the most out of it. Scroll down for more information regarding hiring soothsayers. You can also contact one of our employees. We’d love to help you out, with no obligation, in finding the perfect soothsayer.